Rooftop Playground Application

With the increased demand for rooftop playgrounds across the nation, a concern from many architects, engineers, building owners and/or property managers, is the noise that may transmit to the classrooms below. 

Here we installed our 2 1/2" thick "Play-Land' series in Brown and Green to give this charter school the ability to play in a much larger playground setting as apposed to a small lot along side the building. And with dozens of kids going outside at any one time, you can imagine the noise concern.

Rest assured, the look on everyone's faces, from the children and adults, to the teachers and administrators, when they saw this beautifully design play space that increased seven-fold was a pleasurable one.

We invite you to challenge your buildings ability to have such a wonderful rooftop playground space just like this one.

Contact us by clicking here to learn more about the feature, benefits and even the testing that goes into having a rubber tile on rooftops. 

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