Transitional Ramps – ADA / Very Long

More and more agencies are becoming aware of the fact that all public facilities must be handicapped accessible. With the 1991 passage of the “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA), many areas are being planned or modified to give people with disabilities an opportunity to participate in everyday activities. All of our products are designed to give children and adults with or without disabilities and varying mobility access to freely navigate as per ASTM’s: Accessibility-Rotational Penetrometer test.

ADA Compliant Transitional Ramps For Easy Access

When a wall, fence, curb, parapet or other boarding systems is not available, our complete line of transitional ramps provides everything you need to achieve the professional solution you are looking for to compliment any area, giving it a complete “finished” look. These ADA compliant transitional ramps are designed to work together with all of our products and services, providing easy access to and from our unitary rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products. They also come in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses to fit your indoor and outdoor needs.

UNITY Safety Surfacing Showing Blue ADA Accessible Transitional Ramp for Playgrounds

Let us help you become ADA compliant.

UNITY's ADA Transitional Ramp Edge for Playground and Rooftop Installations

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