Unity Company Bio

Rubber tile manufacturer with an exceptional track record    UNITY Surfacing Systems (a division of Unity Creations, Ltd.) has been in the manufacturing business for many, MANY years helping parks, schools, districts, daycare centers, property owners, managers, roofing contractors and suppliers, as well as architects, engineers and green roof designers meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry today. Each and every one of our products and services come in a wide variety of colors and thickness to complement almost any area. They are made with heat and pressure in a quality controlled manufacturing facility right here in the United States designed to help meet or exceed these ASTM, CPSC, ADA, USGBC-LEED safety standards and guidelines when compared to other products on the marketplace.

We take great pride in recycling tires and rubber into finished products, in particular, our self-interlocking, rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and pavers. We have incorporated new advancements in manufacturing that will increase our output in order to keep up with the increasing demands set by our customers - worldwide. With this new system up and running, along with the help of our in-house recycling facility that processes used tires and rubber exclusively for our products and services, we have truly become a world-class industry leader setting the standard by which all others are measured.

Our engineering team was the first (and only) to introduce a self-interlocking system with the new “Button-lock” technology. A system that is built directly into the product; specifically designed to eliminate the need for external accessories such as: fasteners, pins, clips, blocks, etc. to create an interlock. This patented “tongue and groove" technology is designed to literally snap and hook into place to resist product-to-product separation, curling and pealing, which may lead to (and promote) vandalism, as well as wind-uplift when installed on a rooftops. Such technological advancements in product design will increase the density and durability of our products and services that is unmatched in the industry today.

As a result, we are providing a premium product at a competitive price to the marketplace by strategically aligning our resources to achieve this goal. We have made clear-cut choices regarding how, when and where to compete in the industry and keep our prices low by offering a complete line of products and services that are found in: Playgrounds, Daycare Centers, Rooftop Decks, Pools & Patios, Walkways & Paths, Recreational Areas, Marinas and Docks, Athletic and Fitness Areas, Factories, Acoustical,  Green Roofs, Terraces, etc.

Penthouse Apartment using the Unity rubber paver system 
Unity at town park playground area using Soft-Land Series

Unity's Pave-Land Series in the Dual Density Construction at Fitness Facility

Splash-Pad Area using our permeable rubber tiles

Unity at Rooftop Playground using our Custom Blended TPV Top Tiles

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- Management Office

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