TURF-TOP Tiles = Specification Information

Technical Information Page:

Turf-Top Types:

Unity Surfacing - Agility Turf, Pet Turf, Playground Turf and Rigid Turf Tiles

Testing:Turf-Top Tile Testing Information for Rooftop Pavers and Playground Surfaces

Turf-Top Portion/Testing:

Fall Height Protection Chart:

Playground Turf-Top Tile Testing Information On the Artificial Grass
Playground Surfacing Drop Testing Information Based on Thickness

If you would like to view or download the Word Doc Specification information, click here.

*We undertake all assignments for our clients on a best efforts basis. Our findings and judgments are based on the information given to us using the lasted test methods available. We can only ensure the test results for the specific items tested. Unless otherwise noted in the deviations section of this report, all tests are performed in compliance with stated test method.

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