Quality Assurance Statement

Quality assurance is key in all aspects of our products. Each day we work to ensure excellent quality in workmanship, material selection, production, packaging, shipping, and installation as well as in our business processes. Our products are tested and certified to meet various ADA, ASTM, BTA, CPSC, LEED, and NPPS criteria, including USGBC for LEED points and credits. Product quality begins with material selection, where we use pure recycled rubber that has been ground to the specified size for each product we manufacture. Rubber, urethane/binder, other ingredients and appropriate additives are then weighed, blended, compressed and cured to exacting tolerances set by our standards to give each and every one of our customers the best possible product on the market today.

Unity's manufacturing production processes for optimization efficiency, longevity and overall performance

Our manufacturing staff is well trained in production processes and safety. Each production run is sampled at the beginning, middle and end of each shift (and order) for product consistency, durability and satisfaction of criteria. Our machines go through “secure-tests” every week, month and quarter to make sure the finished product remains to our highest of standards. Unique packaging procedures are used so that products are not subject to damage during post-production storage, shipping, handling or installation. These procedures consider product composition, acclimation, height, weight, delivery logistics, and type of application into account. All of our products are accompanied by an extensive installation and maintenance guide to help optimize installation efficiency, product life, longevity and customer satisfaction.

Unity's closed loop manufacturing for a safer environment

At Unity, we employ a closed loop quality system where the root cause of any problem is immediately identified, thoroughly analyzed and rectified with appropriate changes made at the time of discovery, (if needed), to: materials, documentation, equipment, products, and/or processes. Additionally, our technical support team is involved every step of the way to help customers select the best products and services they need, to determine quantities to order, to coordinate delivery logistics, and serve as trusted advisor in all product related matters...regardless of size or scope of work.

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