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Seeing is believing as our unique manufacturing process chemically binds our turf material into a homogeneous unit, delivering the most durable, strongest manufactured product on the market today. We invite you to click here and download the product data sheet.

Choosing our Turf-Top rubber products is the foundation for a smart, long-term investment in durability and beauty.

As the industry leader, the superior turf materials that we offer, coupled with our recycled rubber, gives you the highest quality, durability, environmentally friendly system above all others.

It is designed to meet or exceed all of your project needs for use on playgrounds, rooftops, recreational areas, fitness facilities, pet places and more. 

All of our products are independently laboratory tested with respect to ASTM, CPSC, ADA, FM safety standards and guidelines to be installed over new and existing sub-surfaces (both indoors and outdoors).......and/or rooftops.

UNITY Surfacing at Rooftop Playground using Turf-Tiles for JCC (12)

Architects, engineers, designers, building owners and property managers can plan for future projects using our turf-top products as the newest alternative to safety surfacing, flooring and paver applications....................anywhere.

Synthetic Turf Top Tiles on building rooftop for community use.

Anti-static Yarns

Heat Resistant Technology

Pile Heights from 1" to 1.4"  (in)

Dense 64-80 Ounce Face Weights

20-24oz Antimicrobial Secondary Backing

Four Types of Tops: Agility, Multi-Use, Pet and Play.

Available Thicknesses: 1.75", 2.0", 2.5" 3.0", 3.5" and 4.0" thick

Individual Panels Can Be Removed For Easy Access To Sub-Bases.

Ideal for Playgrounds, Rooftops, Pet Areas, Fitness Facilities & More.

Note: Playground Turf is also available in Blue, White Red and Yellow.

Unlike other safety surfacing, flooring and paver products, Unity features a flexible DOUBLE tile/mat/block system, designed to accommodate and adjust to, minor variations in the sub-base, most notably rooftops. Our resilient double panel allows us to have a monolithic Step & Repeat pattern, as if you were installing "brickwork". These technological developments in design act as a backup to further resist separation, curling, peeling, vandalism and wind up-lift across the entire area. The newly developed interlocking features can provide several types of installation procedures allowing one to stagger the joints/interlocks anywhere. This allows for free-flowing designs, layouts and patterns that are effortless to achieve with the “running bond” method, known as our “Step & Repeat”, being most popular. Click here to learn more.

Top View:

      Top View Of Interlocking Turf-Top Tiles for Playgrounds and Rooftops

Our four different types of turf wear-tops material is
manufactured using the best materials on the market
today. Coupled with our specially formulated binders,
these high-density, grass-like wear-top options area
resilient and won't crack, puncture or heave in the
most hostile of weather conditions. this versatility is
unmatched and provides year round use and
enjoyment to the end user.

The patented, strong C-shaped self-interlocking design
is built directly into the product itself.. It locks TIGHTLY
together thanks to the supporting "back-wall", which
prohibits unnecessary separation, curling, pealing and
shifting that may result in vandalism. it is installed with
our specially formulated glue/adhesive, while still 
providing unlimited access for ANY maintenance
related issues.

Bottom View:

                  Bottom View Of Interlocking Rubber Tiles for Playgrounds and Rooftops

A revolutionary advancement in design is our patented
Button-Lock technology where the projection of one tile is
receivable by a corresponding slot/recession of another
It is designed to LITERALLY "snap and hook" into place,
which has been tested to provide an extra layer of protection
to the end user. This additional locking mechanism provides
the most secure installations on the market, both horizontally
AND vertically.

Our unique glue drainage port is the only patented
system on the market specifically engineered and
designed to allow any access glue/adhesive, applied
during installation, to ooze down and away from the 
top of our products. This provides the completed area
with a nice clean FINISHED look without the burden of 
glue being tracked onto the newly installed product by
untrained contractors/installers.

With this view from the bottom, one can see that our solid coned (feet and/or leg) design acts as a shock absorber from falls onto the surface below. Being a water permeable product, it also helps with storm water management, by allowing water to flow freely and evenly to the drainage outlet when installed on a crushed stone, solid sub-base or even rooftops.

Playground Turf Area for Kids Using Unity's Turf-Top Rubber Pavers Artificial Turf Top Pavers for Rooftop Applications
Unity's Turf-Top Rubber Pavers on top of apartment building in NYC
UNITY Turf-Top Tiles sitting flush with other product for smooth transition.

Our product design also eliminates any "hard spots" and/or "picture framing", a common design problem with other competing products on the market today. Additionally, we offer several different types of turf-top tiles as well:

UNITY Surfacing = Tan Thatch Option for Turf-Top Tiles
UNITY Surfacing = Green Thatch Option for Turf-Top Tiles

Unity Surfacing Approvals, Certifications, Sponsorships, and Testing Criteria

We invite you to download the product data sheet.

Want to go to the technical information page................click here.

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