Design w/ Pigment Colors

Standard Pigmented Color Choices:

Many of Unity’s products are made with clean tire buffing and/or crumb rubber granules recycled in-house and mixed with a clear urethane. Our pigmented color products are made with dyes combined with black recycled rubber that do not release harmful VOC’s, and are produced free of zinc, latex, lead, phthalates and heavy metals. These pigmented dyes are dispersed throughout the top of our products for consistency at an economical price. A wide variety of colors to choose from include:

Pigmented Rubber Pavers Color Options BY UNITY

With limitless imagination, our pigmented tiles/mats/blocks/pavers can be manufactured using diverse color combinations, designs, patterns and/or layouts to generate a plethora of ideas for your upcoming project(s).

Here are just a couple examples of projects using pigmented colors:

Pave-Land Series using the 2" thick Pigmented Green for this Rooftop

UNITY - Showing ADA access ramp and exist area for this park playground UNITY - Showing swing area at this park playground using Red Green and Grey UNITY at Willow Ave Park Playground using Pigmented Blue

Keep in mind: Unity’s products can be painted for a fresh new look. We provide the necessary paints that can be sprayed on or simply rolled on for a brand new look. This application can provide less heat buildup and extended life of our products for many more years to come.

Safety Surfacing Specifications and Rooftop Detail Drawings

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