Tough-Land = Specification Information

Click here for general specification information on this product. For detailed specifications on a specific color and thickness needed, simply: Contact Us.

These critical testing criteria are the value of avoiding legal problems resulting from lawsuits that stem from inappropriate ground cover. Unity meets or exceeds these ASTM, CPSC & ADA standards by up to 40% when compared with other competing products on the market today.

Tough-Land's testing data for use on gyms, fitness, miltary, club, yoga, athletic, etc.

We undertake all assignments for our clients on a best efforts basis. Our findings and judgments are based on the information given to us using the lasted test methods available. We can only ensure the test results for the specific items tested. Unless otherwise noted in the deviations section of this report, all tests are performed in compliance with stated test method.

CAD files, Detailed Drawings, Specifications, 3-D's on Playground Surfacing and Roof Pavers

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