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All of our recycled rubber products are manufactured in the USA   

With over 35 years of American manufacturing experience, it has taught us that there is no alternative to doing things right. With that, all of our products are produced to the exact standards set by our founder...........that's the biggest difference.

Unity Surfacing Systems (a division of Unity Creations, Ltd.)  has been and will continue to provide consistent, high quality, manufacturing services to: parks, schools/districts, municipalities, daycare centers, property owners, managers, directors, roofing manufacturers/suppliers, architects (public/private), engineers, consultants and green roof designers. Our products and services meet, or exceed, ASTM, CPSC, ADA, USGBC-LEED safety standards and guidelines by up to 42% when compared to other products on the market, concurrently.

Every one of our finished products are manufactured in the United States of America utilizing cleaned recycled tires and rubber derived from the very same. Our in-house recycling center, which processes used tires and rubber, has insured our customers that no foreign, potentially harmful, rubbers and/or objects have gone into the production of our finished goods. The ingredients used in the assembly of our finished products, such as: urethane binders, fire retardant chemicals, pigmented dyes, EPDM’s/TPV’s, are all manufactured and/or produced in the United States of America.  In addition, we go above and beyond in quality by utilizing machines and machine parts that are manufactured in the United States of America.

As a result of such unique sole source capabilities, Unity Surfacing Systems is a world-class industry leader setting the standard by which all others are measured. The vast majority of similar “American Enterprises” have been driven out of the industry by international companies that tend to have an agenda of marketing their goods/services through U.S channels versus what we practice, promote and provide. "We believe that our products size, weight, durability, longevity, fall protection ratings (known to be the highest in the industry), and ability to have an integrated self-interlocking feature (for rooftop applications), with bolt-down capabilities (for playground use); can be effectively and easily secured on site to eliminate future problems, such as vandalism", producing an overall product that can truly be considered “American-Made” through and through.

   Information on our products that have been manufactured in the USA for over 33 years

UNITY on huge play yard totaling 18,000 sq. ft.

Thank You for having interest in Unity Surfacing Systems (a division of Unity Creations, Ltd.) . You will find that our products and services are an extension of what we stand for and what we have to offer. 

- Public Relations Dept.

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