Union City Police Playground

Just recently, a customer called stated the following: "we have a PIP (Pour-In-Place) system that is failing and we want to switch to your tiles. However, we are concerned with how the tiles will line up with all the irregular shapes that is found within our playground area."

Our answer was to simply show them this project, CAD files and Detailed Drawings of the same.

With ingenuity and careful planning, the park’s layout in Union City was reoriented to utilize the maximum area within the constraints of the existing space by designing it with irregular shapes and patterns. This community now has the versatility of an active park for amusement or a passive park for reflection. With the families of the deceased in attendance, the City reopened the facility during National Police Week.

3" EPDM/TPV top Soft-Land Series was installed using a blend of 45% Regular Blue and 45% Light Blue as specified by the architect and municipality.

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