Turf-Top Rubber Pavers For Rooftop Playground

Rooftop Playgrounds are a way for residential, hospitality, school, building or public spaces to differentiate themselves from the competition. Incorporating a rubber tile system with Turf infused on the top from Unity can provide unlimited usage to rooftops such as this.

Turf-Top rubber tiles offers tremendous design flexibility coupled with the ease of installation, providing a unique and viable alternative to traditional rooftop playground surfaces for these reasons:

They are available in a wide range of turf-type tops and product thicknesses suitable for a variety of uses.

They are one of the most labor and cost-effective solutions to a flat, low sloped roofs where weight is an issue.

It helps protect the waterproofing membrane without damaging or harming either material.

It helps reduce noise over occupied spaces.

Individual panels can be removed/replaced for any repair and maintenance issues.

....and did we mention it is Fire and Wind Resistant.

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