Turf Top Pavers for Rooftops

Building owners, property managers, architects and engineers are realizing that the roof can be more than a cover for their facilities and are choosing roofs that provide social, economic and environmental benefits. 

With the use of our rubber pavers, roofs can increase property values, extend the longevity of roofing materials, decrease life cycle costs as well as cool and insulate the building. Many cities, such as this one, provide incentives to install our products in order to help manage store water runoff, while at the same time provide more useable space for its occupants.

This particular roofing project incorporated the use of our NEW 1 3/4" thick Turf-Top tile in conjunction with our standard 2" thick rubber paver known as our Pave-Land series in order to have a seamless transition for one type of surfacing material to the next.

The turf material was selected as “the children’s play space”, while the pigmented Slate Gray rubber pavers will soon be home to some patio furniture and even a hammock for the adults.

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