Socially Distancing on School Rooftops

Keeping teachers, students and staff healthy and safe in schools these days has always been a concern, but even more so in the era of a pandemic’s influence. Administrators are being tasked to address how to keep everyone socially distant at inner-city schools. Doing so had ripple effects on other parts of the school, like the play area. Some of these effects include the impacts on how the children, teachers, staff and visitors are safely separated, all while still meeting the need for controlling the use of certain areas.

The response in many schools across the US has been to use our rubber play tiles on rooftops as the answer that has fostered a surge for our unique products and services. This has been one of the biggest impacts of protecting people of all ages from spreading disease related to school design. Additionally, while on the roof, spreading students even further apart from each other by way of incorporating color coded play areas like you see here has also given the new meaning to “spreading out”.

In the end, an area like this that provides an additional outdoor play space (the roof itself), but with color codes play stations, as a means to help further spread people out, has come full circle, thank to our rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products.

Update from the Principal:

Here at the Children's Lab School, we could not be happier with the installation of our Unity Surfacing tile system. Our rooftop play yard had a surface made up of concrete tile pavers that was completely unsafe.

The Unity Surfacing rubber tiles are colorful, easy to clean, and most of all safe! Our children love playing in the areas designated for different activities by the color of the tiles.

The installation went quickly and smoothly, and the final result looks fantastic. We're looking forward to using this product again for our 2nd floor play yard.

All the best,

Brooke Barr, Principal

The Children's Lab School

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