School Yard w/Custom "Splash Design"

Unity offers you more options in playground tiles than most, letting you choose from the widest palette of TPV (EPDM) color chips, sizes and blends in order to achieve your vision..............just like you see here.

Our TPV color chips are stronger than traditional EPDM chips offering more UV durability. The natural through-the-playground colors provide exceptional color matching with the surfacing even for the most demanding of clients.

Here the customer selected a playground with these colors and asked us to match the safety surfacing tiles accordingly...and we did. Splash Design was chosen using 60% Blue chips mixed and 40% Light Grey chips mixed with standard black to achieve the color blending that you see...........something we are very proud of.

The transitional ramps were painted an ocean blue color to have the boarders system really stand out (and POP)  to anyone that crosses its path in order to reduce tripping.