School Rooftop In San Fran w/B-Ball Court

Inspiring great spaces..........this time.........for the kids.

Contemporary linear design and classic black and white. Bring them together with an exposed rooftop playground area as an acoustical solution for the classrooms below, that is sure to make a bold statement.

Unity's "Pave-Land" series with its self-interlocking design, button-lock technology, unique size, longer linear runs and evenly spaced interlocking tabs, have the design flexibility to bring your ideas to life.

We invite you to discover more ways to express yourself with the use of our rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products for use on recreational rooftops like this one, found at this school in Northern California. 

We provided the necessary paints to coat the surfacing with many different games/activities such as basketball, hopscotch, marbles, etc. in an afford to spread the kids out for better social distancing.

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