Rooftop Recreational Area in High-Wind Zone

Unity is here to complement the industrial look of an exposed rooftop that warranties love to exploit in order to inspire great play spaces with tranquility throughout.

With the installation of our two (2”) inch thick “Pave-Land” Series in a bold, one-of-a-kind, zig-zag pattern using pigmented Red and Green colors for this rooftop playground area that not only soaks up disruptive noise from both sides for effective acoustical performance, but also resists fire and wind up-lift at 150 MPH or more.

Here in Brooklyn, NY., passing planes to and from JFK and nearby subways that roar past can shake entire buildings and create a lot of unwanted noise. Additionally, with having to remodel the entire building after Hurricane Sandy was not a task that this school wanted to repeat.

With that, they relied on our easy-to-install rubber paver system with self-interlocking tabs and Button-Lock™ technology that simply holds up better than anything else on the market. It helps minimize vibration and the risk and exposure to the building owners (as well as the class rooms below), while at the same time spreads comfort, joy and safety to the folks that use it.

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