Recreational Play Space w/Swirl Designs

Unity’s rubber tile products offer virtually limitless possibilities of design within the same fully tested, easy to install, self-interlocking, step and repeat system. Additionally, the unique staggered interlocking joints are strategically placed to allow for many different variations to be used, which can produce a truly customized look, like the ones you see here.

This school, with several different rooftop areas, selected our 2.5” thick Play-Land series. Having three different rooftops everyone involved was open for different designs in each. We selected a line pattern for the small roof, a diamond pattern for the middle roof and a swirl design for the main (big) rooftop area. Our pigmented red and green panels were used to create this beautifully unique rooftop play space that can only be achieved with the Unity brand of products and services.

We invite you to look at our “Design Center” page for more information. Simply click: Design w/Layouts to view the design-to-concept for this school’s rooftop recreational area.

We would like to thank the building owner, the management company and the contractor for allowing us the opportunity to come up with a design the we knew everyone would truly enjoy.

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