Pool area using Custom TPV EPDM Top Tiles

Pool area using Custom TPV EPDM Top Tiles

Here is a water spray apparatus that squirts water into the surrounding pool where children play. After continued abuse of foot traffic and chemicals, the pour-in-place surfacing simply did not hold up.

The park district decided to go with a safety surfacing that could not only withstand the foot traffic and chemicals, but also the harsh conditions of the environment as well……………and Unity was the only product of choice. It interlocks with the new “Button-Lock™ Technology” to further resist expansion and contraction issues found in other products on the market today.

The client chose a solid EPDM top using a 70/30 combination of 70% Blue and 30% white. Photo’s of the before and after can be found on our “Before & After Images” section of our website.

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