Peck Slip Rooftop Playground

We offer designers, architects, engineers and municipalities styles, sizes, colors and finishes of our rubber playground tiles for a variety of applications. Our rubber pave's are the ideal choice for any residential, commercial, municipal and/or industrial paving application.

As pictured, these interlocking rubber playground pavers offer unparalleled load distribution and wonderful protection to the roof membrane that will extend its life cycle.

Here we installed our 1 3/4" thick "Pave-Land" series on top of concrete pavers (because of door height issues) in a couple of custom color combinations. Green blend as the field, Blue blend as accent pieces and Grey blends to indicate drain locations....look carefully, you will see them.

Our rooftop playground tiles were selected after a vulcanized product failed to meet the storm-water management needs and wind resistant criteria. It also became very slippery when wet due to the lack of sufficient drainage needed.

PS: If you notice the Grey colored tiles in the design, that is where the drains are located, and Blue was chosen as accent pieces......something the school insisted on as part of the design...........and something we made happen for them.

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