NYC Park Playground w/Cuts Around Boulders

In designing difficult outdoor play spaces, Unity Surfacing can play a vital role in contributing to the development of the health and well-being of communities, while at the same time provide a product, in specific colors and blends that would tie into the projects overall landscape.

This is accomplished by offering an interlocking rubber tile surface that improves and regenerates the environmental conditions; Provides outdoor environments that are beneficial to children’s health and well-being; And generates social and safety benefits to the people that use this play space.

We feel we have successfully accomplished that goal by providing a Custom Blended TPV top tile, which can easily be cut to conform to the most difficult of shapes and patterns.………. just like the ones you see here (around the boulders) in Battery Park, NYC.

Colors and Blends used here are: 55% Cream, 35% Light Grey and 10% Blue.