New England Daycare Center Playground Safety Surfacing Tiles at College Campus for Educational Programs

Essential forms and functions with unlimited inspirations.

Remember the things you once imagined, the worlds you once built, with only the simplest of shapes to ignite your imagination. Here we've created a family of different colors, thicknesses and designs to conform to the existing, irregular site conditions as shown here.

Because of the existing elevation change in the sub-surface conditions underneath and the drainage problems these folks had with other types of safety surfacing products, we packed this playground area with the most innovative way to accommodate the size, shape and thickness of our playground safety surfacing tiles within the play area itself while maintaining the same level in the finished grade (rubber play tiles) above to be flush and level throughout.

It is truly endless adjustability that is hidden from the human eye you will come to expect from the Unity brand of products and services.

Brown was selected by the directors, we suggested the Grey to complement the building’s facade.