Lake House Roof Deck in Ohio

Finished rooftop decks are a way for residential spaces to differentiate themselves from your neighbor, like this vacation home on the lake. Incorporating a rubber paver system from Unity, provided safe access to this and any other flat roof systems, which in turn expand usable space to include barbeque grills, tables and chairs…….and even a slide to the water. Our rubber paver system is ideal for application such as this.

The water permeable product sit on a built-in pedestal system, allowing for water to flow freely to the drainage outlet, all while the finished surfacing is skid resistant (wet or dry), resulting in a beautiful application that resists mold and mildew in virtually any climate.

Our 2” thick TPV Top tile was selected in a blend using: 33% Pale Grey, 33% Light Grey and 33% Dark Grey. Want to learn how you can design a custom blended tile for your next project…….simply click here.

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