Huge Play Area and Soccer Field

Studies have shown that children’s exposure to play yard use is beneficial in a wide variety of meaningful ways. It shows that children’s academic, psychological, social, cognitive and physical health is positively impacted when they have daily exposure to a safe play area. With the use of our interlocking tile system throughout this school (in the yard, under and around the playground equipment and soccer field), we like to think that we have supported a vision that all schools have access to outdoor spaces, even in large cities like this, in an effort to enhance children’s healthy development, student and community well-being and positive environmental impacts.

Our 2.5” thick rubber play tile was installed with high-play value, uncompromised safety, unique innovation and long-lasting quality using a blend of TPV chips (50% Black, 25% Blue and 25% Grey) on top. As you can see from these images, the attention to detail during the installation was exceptional, resulting in a well-executed and kid-friendly school yard for all to enjoy.

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