Exterior Fitness Flooring at Public Park

With over 8,000 square feet being installed, Unity's "Dual-Density" self-interlocking fitness tiles deliver all the extreme durability one can expect in an exceptionally attractive radius-edged tile product for interior and exterior fitness park settings such as this.

Our products, which can be bolted down, is designed to withstand the rigors and punishment of the people using it and the vandals that want to destroy it. Made from a very high percentage of recycled materials, right here in the USA, it is a contributing factor toward the USGBC-LEED points and/or credits. 

We were asked by the municipality to take photographs of the area after a heavy rainstorm to see if there was "ponding" above......we don’t see it either. A true testament to the product when installed on such a large scale. Sub-base = Concrete.

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