Exterior Fitness Area (on the ocean) in NJ

Many outdoor fitness areas are inadvertently used and abused in the wrong way. A good example is this waterfront fitness area that is directly in front of the park entrance known for skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, etc. This typically involves unwanted activities and/or equipment and heavy foot traffic that can require premature wear and tear. The rubber flooring in these spaces, in particular, needs to hold up to these conditions in a way that is good for the park district, but also the people and community that use it. Which means architects, engineers, designers and municipalities are often challenged to find flooring solutions that meet the rigorous demands of these spaces while achieving human comfort, excellent appearance, ease of cleaning, and long-term durability.

They have found it with the growing use of our interlocking rubber surface that have emerged as a proven alternative to some of the traditional flooring materials (and the qualities) that have made us the preferred choice of many across the country. Mechanically, our double tile system is one of the strongest, most durable and resilient products for both interior and exterior applications, surviving wind and flooding that can be seen in several other waterfront examples still in place.

With the use of our custom blended TPV Top tiles over compacted stone, the unique tiles are not affected by UV exposure at this ocean front park setting. Crushed stone was selected by the team to minimize flooding and help with storm-water run-off. The colors/designs were selected by community board members.........a perfect complement to the surrounding area(s).

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