Daycare Center Custom Rooftop Playground

How our rubber tiles sit within the landscape sets the context for its construction and use on this rooftop play space. The custom blended TPV Top Tiles we provided helps this outdoor play area interact with other types of surfaces  and finishes. Additionally, the look and feel of our safety surfacing tiles is greatly influenced by the playground equipment that comprises much of the area to create a unique custom look of its own. It should also be noted that our rubber paver system can be applied to any type of roof membrane or exposed insulation boards.

The coned bottom (feet/legs) can help reduce the heating and cooling loads of a building because they are "air permeable". The lowering of heating on a buildings roof helps in the reduction of "heat island effect", creating a valuable, usable outdoor play space for the children and staff that use it, as well as for parents and other building employees.

The self interlocking connection with button-lock technology helps facilitate a quick and secure installation.......especially across uneven roofs without penetrating or damaging the roof membrane material. While the interlocks are hidden, they can be accessed to allow for the removal of individual units if roof maintenance, drain access or replacement is required.

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