City Rooftop Patio and Playground Area

At Unity, we focus on sustainability in the design of outdoor spaces that include: Material Selection, Environmental Quality, Human Health and Well-Being, as well as Energy and Optimization so designers can create attractive and sustainable outdoor environments that meet LEED and SITES criteria, while also providing both social and economic benefits for the project and there surrounding communities.

Unity’s self-interlocking rubber pavers provide landscape architects with a variety of surface options for the creatively designed outdoor spaces that you see here, utilizing both our custom blended TPV Top Tile as well as our Turf-Tile that can be used to define entrances, pathways, play spaces, sitting spaces, and large open areas. The bonus is, they can be mixed with other types of systems to create a unique aesthetic rooftop that will be coveted by many.

Our highly durable rubber pavers offer’s little to no maintenance costs, and provides landscape architects with an exterior surface that can withstand foot-traffic as well as harsh weather conditions and still retain its character and beautiful finish.

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