Chicago School Rooftop Playground

Earn your credits and expand your experience with our rooftop playground products and services that implements environmental consideration due to it's high recycled content. 

Being on the cutting edge of green technology and design, Unity's Pave-Land series were an instrumental part of the concept behind this, and many other, rooftop playground projects across the USA. 

Red and Green in the "zig-zag" formation is what has become a staple for many (it is also the best way to resist WIND UP-LIFT). If you look closely, you can see a black Trike-Track in the distance....a design requirement by the director of this school as well as the architectural firm working with the municipality...........all while maintaining the "step & repeat" method of installation.

Let us show you how we can turn your empty rooftop space into usable space........and still be Class "A" fire rated. Click here to learn more.

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