Brooklyn School Rooftop Playground

Wind is a real threat to rooftops and rooftop playgrounds. Rest assured our self-interlocking rubber pavers is a proven solution. 

Having completed projects from as far north as Canada, or as far south as Panama, we meet the demands of all-rise building projects by allowing for open rooftop spaces to be utilized that open up design possibilities. 

It's all possible with the use of our rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products that meets or exceeds the needs for structural and performance benefits of your multi-story project such as this one.

2.5" Thick "Play-Land" was selected by the director of this facility in conjunction with the owners.

We invite you to notice the "hop-scotch" design we included in this beautifully designed rooftop playground to give this area another source for play component and social distancing. Additionally, you will also notice a "Trike-Track" as well. 

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