Boston Rooftop Playground w/Track

Learning centers, like this one, have an enormous responsibility to safeguard its students and staff.  More and more stories seem to highlight the inescapable reality of accidents sustained at these facilities. The most common injuries are a direct result from falls to the surface below, as well as lack of proper Class A Fire, Wind Testing and sufficient product drainage.

In order to responsibly safeguard its active students, a learning center clearly requires a durable play tile that can withstand the frequent impacts of active children and the increased demand from changing weather conditions. In many areas across the United States, codes dictate that roof play spaces withstand not only the threat of children falling, but fire and up-lift as well.

Our top-rated rubber play tile is the superior fire rated product which meets or exceeds 150 MPH wind testing.  It has proper fall protection ratings and has the ability for water to flow freely to the drainage outlets.  All of our products undergo rigorous amounts of independent lab testing for playground and rooftop use/applications.

With the interest in making rooftop playgrounds safer, has led to an increase in multiple types of protection within the same category. Unfortunately, many products do not protect the client against “spread of flame/fire” and wind, which building codes require throughout the 50 states.

To meet this increased demand, Unity has responded with multiple types of testing, within these same categories, in an effort to keep fire and wind at bay. Our sturdy products meet or exceed the strictest code requirements across the USA for rooftop playground usage. We have historically provided manufacturing innovations to meet or exceed the needs of learning centers and their call for protection.  Critical features of our products can be combined and specialized to:

- Comply with strict fire codes on multiple levels

- Contain the spread of smoke and flames

- Provide essential play experiences

- Pass current impact attenuation standards for playground use

When it comes to protecting students, staff and the roof itself, our rubber play pavers can help ensure schools are safe, secure and code compliant, both now and into the future.

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