Beach Channel Play - Queens, NY.

Whether in large park playground settings, private schools or daycare centers, Unity delivers high-performance products designed to withstand not only foot traffic, but heavy environmental weather conditions, while at the same time providing remarkable color customization with the use of our UV stable TPV/EPDM granules uniquely blended to allows for unlimited design options while providing children the opportunity to safety challenge themselves. 

Here, two blends were chosen: 85% Red/10%Blue/5% Yellow in about half the play tiles with the other half having a blend of: 85% Green/ 10%Blue/5% Yellow -  which makes for an unprecedented playground.

After Hurricane Sandy blew threw town, this municipality has understood the need for a product that can truly help them with the "storm water management issue" they were facing. Working together with all parties, we managed to cut slits into the curbing to allow the water to feed the vegetation that is near by.......a concept that has been making ground for others with drainage issues.

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