10+ year old rubber tile installations from across America

We bring this page to light in an effort to show you just how durable our rubber tile/mat/block/paver products are in any application, in any weather climate, north south, east, west or overseas. All of these images are at least 10+ years old, or older.

The playground with the blue tiles was install in Hoboken, NJ. on compacted stone. This image was taken  after Hurricane Sandy blew through town. These play tiles were 6ft under water. The results speak for itself....still their.

Some of the other (close up) images are taken in many of the "active" areas of the playground. Such as: under the swings, or at the bottom of the slide. We are indeed pleased with the results, just as much as you are.

Viewing the playground project that has the black rubber tiles with debris on top, you can see that with no maintenance of the playground itself, debris is all over the place........clearing showing that after 10 years of abuse, the interlocks remained tightly together.

The rooftop project with the picnic tables and benches is 10 years old or older. We wanted to show that our tiles are the same as if installed new........something you can view throughout our website.

The project with the purple playground posts with Yellow and Black Playground Tiles are of a housing project we have completed many, many years ago.

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