Here is a rooftop walkway area that has shared tenant access on the other side (to the right) of the building.

The architect selected the more durable EPDM/TPV Top Tile with the following blend:

85% Cream, 10% Light Grey and 5% Med Grey

to have a long lasting impression and look for the building and its occupants.

1 3/4" thick "Pave-Land" was selected, which is the most common thickness selected for rooftop applications, for this project.

Rooftop Walkway for Tenant Access to Common Area

No matter how long you have been sitting down, or standing on your feet, the last thing you want to do is walk on something hard.

Here resiliency matters for this rooftop walkway application at the office complex in Long Island.

If you look closely at the edge of the grey rubber pavers, you will notice rubber curbing (also supplied by us at Unity). This was designed to prevent people and staff from wondering/drifting off the designated areas. 

Soon planters and additional railings will be applied to dress up the area even more.

1 3/4" thick "Pave-Land" series was selected as standard.

Rooftop Walkway and Patio Area for Tenants of this Office Building
Here you see our ballast pavers on this convention center rooftop in New Jersey.

Our roof pavers were selected as walkway pads to give contractors and maintenance people a comfortable, safe work environment during the re-roofing phase.

Since this project was seen by several neighboring buildings, we have supplied them with the same materials.

Here is a rooftop walkway with our ballast tile installed which leads to the equipment area.

This rubber walkway will join several other pathways throughout this complex. Green was selected as this was going to be a temporary installation once the work was complete.

However, it ended up being a permanent installation since 2003.

We apologize in advance for the blurry image.

Originally specified for concrete pavers, this school district was faced with potential injuries from children and adults running on this rooftop walkway to and from the playground area (located on the left hand side).

After investigating a surfacing that would not only comply with rooftop regulations…..but also playground regulations as well. The solution was Unity’s rubber pavers known as there “Play-Land” series to match not only the drop height of the playground structure, but also the concrete curbing that was supporting the fence posts.

We are slated to compete phase II (another, upper, rooftop playground) in early 2013.
Here you see a public walkway area that has installed our flooring material to prevent leg fatigue for the hundreds of pedestrians who use this walkway to get “to” and “from” the beach on a daily bases.

Being soft and water permeable was a key element for the designed that have used wood decking materials in the past. Tan was selected to compliment this beach resort.

Just recently, the clients have completed a recreational center with the rooftop patio using the same rubber products you see here. Images of phase II to follow soon.
With the gym getting more and more activity these days, the owners and property manager wanted to offer a walkway/running track for people to enjoy that would encourage people to “workout” outside instead of inside.

After being unanimously approved by the board, a two lane track was built with ADA transitional ramps on both sides to allow people with disabilities to easily maneuver up and over this rubber paver system to enjoy the views that this building has to offer.

If you have the idea……….Unity can help execute on it.
Here you see a walkway path that leads out to a rooftop playground area (in the distance off to the left) where hundreds of children and adults use a daily bases.

These walk pads were designed for the project during the planning stages due to the fact that the doorway leading out onto the rooftop was far away for the playground area.

If you look closely, you can see that this area is ADA compliant as well.
This walkway/pathway was designed to keep both children and adults from deviating away from the designated area of this school in the Bronx.

As you can see, this walkway/pathway leads out onto a playground area. Gray was selected to resemble a “wet” concrete walkway area. Blue and Tan tiles were selected in the designated playground area.

This design was chosen after careful consideration was taken for the handicapped children and adults.