Design w/ Measurements

With such advancements in the design capabilities of our products and services, whether you're an owner, operator, specifier, board member or end user, evaluating safety surfacing products such as this can be a daunting task………especially when it comes to budgeting using measurements that are tough to work with. Our staff can offer you and your team unlimited designs, layouts, patterns and color combinations generated specifically to reduce waste, cutting, storage and/or stock that are unmatched in the industry today.

Have a look at just some of the designs we did for other clients, specifically formulated to reduce costs based on measurements that were provided either it be a CAD, PDF or hand-sketch drawing.

CAD file:

CAD Playground Safety Surfacing Layout with Measurements

PDF file:

PDF version of a Rooftop Playground Area To Provide Measurements and Start Point

NEW - Swirl Designs:

Rubber Pavers Installed Using the Newly Developed Swirl Design by UNITY              Newly Developed Swirl Designs for Playground Surfacing and Rooftops by UNITY

If you are looking to incorporate your measurements into an impressive layout, design and/or pattern, you have come to the right place………….it is what we love to do in order to help illuminate waste, cutting, storage, stock for our customers, as well as our carbon footprint. While at the same time provide a surfacing area that is unmatched.

Click here to view some of our “Design(s)-to-Concept(s)” (w/Measurements) we did for other clients in the past.