Designing w/ TPV (EPDM) Blends

Unity has seen more and more architects, engineers and designers looking for unique ways to create additional designs, layouts and patterns in the tile/mat/block/paver system that will provide the “WOW” effect on there next project. With the introduction of EPDM/TPV materials mixed with our current line of recycled products, allow us to generate our “premium series” giving your safety surfacing, flooring and paver application a superior alternative to the pigmented products. 

Splash Design is a 70/30 split of:                                                                                                       Solid TPV (EPDM TOP) is 100% Color (blended) Top:

70% Black base w/30% Color Chips on top.                                                                                     Blend: Two (2) colors Minimum, Three (3) colors Max.

Here is a list of the EPDM/TPV color chips to choose from:

The colors shown here are for your assistance only. Final selections should be made from the sample chips themselves, which can be obtained by contacting our sales department.

Unity example of a TPV blend that we can create for your rooftop, playground or fitness needs

If you love the look and feel of a blended top tile/mat/block/paver, but are budget sensitive. We invite you to look at our "Jazz Mix". It is a pre-blended mix of TPV material based on the colors shown here:

Pre Blended TPV material for use in safety surfacing applications

With the introduction of EPDM/TPV, this superior alternative can have unlimited design potential that would compliment any area allowing architects and designers to express design through creativity in blending. Manufactured to spec, the TPV/EPDM chips exhibit superior UV and abrasion resistance that will last a lifetime. Free of zinc, lead, sulfur, heavy metals, phthalates and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, it isn’t just taking our products to new lengths; it’s creating unlimited design possibilities with any color combination as noted below:

Unity's Solid TPV Top Play Tile blended together using four (4) different Blues

Chip sizes range from 1-4mm.

Chips sizes of 0.5 – 1.5MM is also available upon request.

Examples of custom Blended TPV/EPDM top tile installations below

Produced with Aromatic Binder only. To avoid temporary yellowing/ambering/oxidizing from UV Rays during/after installation, it is important to upgrade to Aliphatic Binder prior to ordering, at an additional cost.

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