Rooftop Playgrounds

Our goal is to create rooftop recreational spaces that maximizes play and safety at the same time. 

Here we installed our 2.5" thick Play-Land series using two different custom blended TPV (EPDM) top tiles to give it the unique look that you see here........all while maintaining the "step & repeat" method of installation.

Once completed we received a flowering e-mail from the customer:

Chris and his crew were wonderful! They were professional, courteous, and extremely informative.  Their concern and care for our play-deck was greatly appreciated, constantly keeping us informed of any issues and discussing the process throughout. 

They take great pride in their work and the product.  

Rooftop Playground in Philadelphia using TPV Chips

We offer designers, architects, engineers and municipalities styles, sizes, colors and finishes of our rubber playground tiles for a variety of applications. Our rubber pavers are the ideal choice for any residential, commercial, municipal and/or industrial paving application.

As pictured, these interlocking rubber playground pavers offer unparalleled load distribution and wonderful protection to the roof membrane that will extend its life cycle.

Here we installed our 1 3/4" thick "Pave-Land" series in a couple of color combinations. Green blend as the field, Blue blend as accent pieces and Grey blends to indicate drain locations....look carefully, you will see them.

Our rooftop playground tiles were selected after a vulcanized product failed to meet the stormwater management needs and became very slippery.

Rooftop Playground Tiles at School in NYC

Earn your credits and expand your experience with our products and services that implements environmental consideration. 

Being on the cutting edge of green technology and design, Unity's Pave-Land series were an instrumental part of the concept behind this, and many other, rooftop playground projects. 

Red and Green in the "zig-zag" formation is what has become a staple for this agency. If you look closely, you can see a black Trike-Track in the distance....a design requirement by the director of this facility as well as the design group with the municipality...........all while maintaining the "step & repeat" method of installation.

Let us show you how we can turn your empty rooftop space into usable space.

Rooftop Playground Project for Private School

UNITY’S architectural and ballast pavers are a double tile/mat/block that has an authentic double interlocking system, made from 100% recycled tires and rubber that is clean and safe to use in almost any environment.

Coupled with our newly patented “Button-Lock™” Technology, our tongue and groove technology is designed to snap and hook into place to resist wind-uplift, at the same time provide thermal and mechanical protection for your rooftop area.

It comes in a wide variety of colors (as seen in this photograph) and thickness to complement any sustainable rooftop playground application like this one. Meets or exceeds ASTM, CPSC, ADA, USGBC-LEED, FM safety standards and guidelines.

Our products are more than just a rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver items.

The newly patented “Running Bond” method of installation coupled with our “Button-Lock™” technology, has given us the ability to create designs, shapes and/or patterns that are effortless to do, as see with this diamond shaped rooftop playground area in Brooklyn, New York.

This was a “Design-to-Concept” project that we created for this customer, which can be viewed on our website under “Technical Info”, sub-section: “Design Center”........Notice the trike-track in the upper right-hand corner.

Rooftop Playground using 2.5" thick Play-Land Series

The Green solution for your "limited space for children" is our rubberized playground pavers that interlock to resist wind up-lift while at the same time provide fall protection for children with disabilities.

Notice the red door in the distance (upper left-hand corner). Here, the architect specified concrete pavers on pedestals as a platform/sub-base in order to bring the our rubber tiles up......and level with the door in order to be ADA compliant. 

Although rare, this type of installation was necessary as the building rooftop was designed to carry the extra weight.

Here, two rows of red was used in conjunction with a row of tan to compliment the buildings facade that is an exact match.

Rooftop Playground using 1 3/4" thick Pave-Land

This condo complex in Fort Lee, NJ., installed our rubber tile system over there parking garage of this development where the old pour-in-place (PIP) once stood.

The reason for the switch, the roofing manufacturer voided the warranty after realizing that the repairmen where cutting the PIP system apart to get the roof membrane for maintenance issues. With that, they were cutting through the membrane in many locations......just to find the leak, a big problem that lead to the manufacturer voiding the warranty.

As you can see, our tiles have been approved by the roofing manufacturer as it provides: plenty of drainage, ease of replacement and access, class “A” fire ratings for roof coverings, etc. 2.5" thick Green was selected to give the children the atmosphere that they are playing on grass.

Designing high-performance rooftop playground tiles, as seen here, requires high-performance products to withstand not only foot traffic….but environmental weather/aging conditions such as hot, cold, snow, sleet, rain, hail, wind, etc., as well.

Being in business since 1987, allows us to offer a full line of indefensible rubber rooftop playground tile products with unlimited design potential backed by the industry’s most durable warranty, allowing just about anyone to create a unique play area suited for……..well…..just about anyone.

This was another “Design-to-Concept” project, which can be viewed on our website under “Technical Info”, sub-section: “Design Center”. We are doing more and more of these “Design-to-Concept” projects to help customers better understand our products..........and its capabilities.

OK, so our rubber pavers are everywhere. Can you blame us? After all we are the only manufacturer to have an MEA letter and roofing manufactures approvals to be installed on rooftop playgrounds.

After this school had expanded, they were left with no choice but to install the playground equipment on the roof along with our playground pavers. Our 2 1/2" thick "Play-Land" series in Green was selected as per the architects request to give it that vegetative feel and look. 

Let us help you design a rooftop playground that best fits your needs.....after all.........we have the most experience in the industry. 

Developed by a team of engineers and designers, Unity’s patented “Button-Lock™ Technology” is what our clients have asked for in a new safety surfacing material to resist separation, curing, pealing, and most importantly ...........wind up-lift when installed on rooftop such as this.

With the durability of our tile system coupled with our “running bond” method of installation, we are able to provide a product that has unlimited design potential using an array of colors to compliment any environment as seen here in this photograph of a rooftop playground application.


Here we created a diamond of Brown in the center, followed by Tan, then Green, then Blue...............look at this application in the "Design-to-Concept" page of our website.

Here this 6,000 sq. ft. rooftop playground for this private school in New Jersey has given the new meaning of "going green".

After receiving a substantial donation, green playground tiles were selected to give children the atmosphere that they are playing on the grass.

During the winter months, as seen in this picture, the colorful playground equipment and our safety surfacing adds a bit of life and excitement to this rooftop playground area to help with the greenery.


The “Before & After” pictures can be seen on our internet web-site as well.

Originally specified for pour-in-place on this rooftop playground, the contractor was concerned about maintenance issues to the membrane below as well as proper drainage of that system…”How are you (the school) going to get at the roof membrane to do any repairs without having to cut a section of PIP out, which may lead to cutting the membrane by mistake .....and as we all know, the leak is NEVER where it is dripping, so multiple sections may need to be cut up to find it."

After careful consideration among the municipality’s architects, engineers, designers and planners, Unity’s interlocking tiles were approved after seeing several other rooftop playground projects in the area.

Here, we went above and beyond by providing our "Step & Repeat" method of installation (something we are famous for)  to compliment the schools theme. Since this project was completed, we were specified on several other ground level and rooftop playgrounds.
This rooftop playground had limited options when selecting a safety surfacing product such as this due to the strict approval process.

Unity was chosen for this SCA/BOE rooftop playground project for several reasons: fire tests, wind up-lift tests, drainage tests, skid resistance tests, weathering aging tests which lead to MEA approvals. Additionally we had to apply for state, local and federal approval as well.

Once final approval was given the designers selected and checkerboard pattern using the 1 ¾” thick Pave-Land series in Blue and Green. Before and after images can be found on our “Before & After” section of our website.
This is just one of two 7,000 sq. ft. rooftop playgrounds at this church in New York City that we recently completed.

As per the roofing consultants request to minimize wind up-lift with the exposed insulation boards, we have manufactured a custom 3 ½” thick tile to weigh at least 10 pounds per square foot, as required by the roofing manufacturer. After all, it was being installed on an unusually high building on the upper west side.

Other pictures of the lower rooftop area can be found on our website under the “Projects” page. Before and After images can also be found on our “Before and After” section as well.

We strive to make any space inspiring with our eco-friendly safety surfacing products that are designed to go over any flat roofing system delivering comfort while at the same time offering sustainable storm water management on site. 

Once again, Red and Green in the "zig-zag" formation was selected to provide a more beautiful rooftop playground area for the children and staff whom use the area.

With the ability to integrate our tile system over almost any roofing membrane, we can offer comfort and peace of mind knowing that not only is your roof protected, but also the children and people that use it.

Rooftop Playground Project using Interlocking Rubber TIles 

These custom blended EPDM top tiles on the rooftop playground of this private school in Brooklyn New York’s Jewish community deliver remarkable durability and enhanced color combinations with makes for a solid performance that is unmatched day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. Color combo is: 20% Grey / 20% Purple / 20% Blue / 20% Black.


When seeking customization to resemble school colors, we highly recommend sitting down with our design team to generate a blend that would best compliment your next rooftop playground project.

UNITY’S architectural and ballast pavers are a double tile/mat/block that has an authentic double interlocking system, made from 100% recycled tires and rubber.

This patented tongue and groove technology is designed to snap and hook into place to resist wind-uplift, at the same time provide thermal and mechanical protection for your rooftop recreational area as noted here. It comes in a wide variety of colors and thickness to complement your area.

Here Blue rubber pavers were selected for the field area with a band of Tan as the boarder as these are the school colors. Meets or Exceeds: FM, ASTM, CPSC, ADA, USGBC-LEED safety standards and guidelines.

As space becomes less and less available to folks in major cities; architects, engineers, designers, planners, building owners and property manager are having to come up with innovative ways to combat child obesity.

After passing several ASTM, CPSC, ADA, USGBC and FM safety standards and guidelines, Unity has been approved by many federal, state and local ordinances as well as many roofing manufactures to allows our products to be installed on rooftops for playground use.

Seen here, our 3" thick "Soft-Land" series in green was selected to compliment this condo complex, but most importantly, the playground structure itself.

Wind uplift, Class A Fire Ratings, Skid Resistance and Drop Testing are just some of the things that are essential to any modern rooftop playground.

With the broadest colors, thicknesses, size, textures and finishes in the industry, Unity has been making architectural dream a reality for over 30 years.

Our 2.5" thick "Play-Land" series in Terra Cotta Red was selected for this rooftop playground project. It is our best selling series for this type of application offering superior storm water drainage to the drainage outlet allowing the children to play outside almost immediately.

You will not find a rubber playground tile with more experience on rooftop then here. Let us help you design your next rooftop playground.

UNITY on Rooftop Playground using 2.5" thick Play-Land Series in Red

When it comes to form, function, visual appeal as well as thermal and mechanical protection, our design team can help you create a safe system that would not only compliment its clients, but also the buildings envelope.

Here is a rooftop playground application in NJ with our 2 ½” thick Play-Land series in Green to meet the drop height of the playground structure itself, while at the same time provide superior drainage.


Green was selected to give children the atmosphere that they are playing on grass at ground you can see, it is a common theme amoung rooftop playgrounds in the nation.

Even though the quality of this image is not the greatest, we felt that the design work on this rooftop recreational area is priceless.

Our 2 ½” thick “Play-Land” series is a practical solution that allows children and adults of all types to use this material for almost anything.

As one client said: a recreational area with beautiful colors and unique designed shall compliment and celebrate others that are using it. 


We couldn't agree more.

Here is a 4,000 sq. ft. rooftop recreational area for children at this public school in NJ. Black 1 ¾” thick “Pave-Land” series was chosen after proving to the school, the architect, engineers and designs that a ball can truly bounce on our material. 


The Black mats allow for sporting lines of all types to be painted on at a later date in order for children to play any type of sport, whether it be basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, etc.

The thinnest of our rooftop products it still allows water to flow freely to the drainage outlet, but also for its durable fire rating as part of the city requirement in New Jersey.

Here you see a rooftop playground surfacing installed on this 3,000 square foot building using our famous zigzag pattern to stagger the seams as if you were installing “brickwork”, lining real seams with fake.

After receiving grants and funding, this charter school was now able to expand it’s building to a third floor and include our rooftop rubber pavers so children in this inner city had a place to enjoy themselves during recreational hours. As you can see this design was effortless to install.


Blue and White in the "Step & Repeat" method of installation was selected as per the architect.


Water pooled up in several spots on this rooftop each and every time it rained. The school didn't have the budget to re-roof and put new play tiles down. Additionally, the school did not know if it was going to remain here at this location, or expand elsewhere.


Unity's 1 3/4" thick permeable rubber roof pavers provided an effective way to provide drainage while at the same time keep children and staff dry for the water that didn't. Also, the playground pavers can be taken up and reused if the school did decide to re-roof or expand and move the rooftop playground to another part of the building.

It has now become a gathering spot for the staff during break times.

Rooftop Playground Tiles by Unity
This “never seen before” layout/design was a first for Unity. While maintaining the “step & repeat” method of installation, Unity’s design team in conjunction with the architect, building owner and school board, collectively came up with a unique pattern that was fun, exciting and different.

Here we off-set the tiles similar to a “zig-zag” layout with a boarding tile in Gray. Unity is confident we can create a custom design/look for your next project. Since the completion of this project, we are receiving requests to do several of there other location throughout the northeast.

This was a “Design-to-Concept” project, which can be viewed on our website under “Technical Info”, sub-section: “Design Center”.

Here is a simple rooftop playground installation we completed in NYC using our 2.5" thick "Play-Land" series in Green to give it the atmosphere of grass. 

The customer had a vulcanized tile that was on the rooftop which was very slippery when wet, forcing the children of this montessori school to remain inside (even after it rained) until the entire rooftop playground surfacing was completely dry. 

After years of frustration, the school felt is was necessary to switch to a product (ours) that was much more water permeable.........and offered better drainage underneath to the drainage outlet in order to allow the children to get outside faster....and with less injuries.

Keep in mind, the product selected had to be fire resistant since it is indeed a rooftop, and ASTM complaint for children safety as it is indeed a playground area.