Let's make stronger kids by building confidence, gaining independence, shaping character, rewarding achievement and solidify friendships through creative play and exercise on Unity's Surfacing Systems, designed for the toughest cities across America. 

Here at this NYC School, we created a specialized rubber playground tile to fit the decor, size and budget of this municipality from our comprehensive lineup of TPV, EPDM and Pigmented rubber chips on the market today.

A very big shout-out to the designers, architects and engineers, both outside and internally, for allowing us the opportunity create something so beautiful.....after all, John Wayne was the inspiration here.

School Playground Surfacing using Unity Brand of Play Tiles

When form meets function in a playground protective surfacing.

Beyond urban beauty and modern form, it's what you don't see that makes Unity's playground tile system so remarkable.

Our product pliability and unique interlocking connection afford unmatched design versatility, strength and ease of installation for any type of project.

At this inner city playground project, we installed our 3.5" thick "Soft-Land" series in the Black and Slate Gray pigmented colors to compliment the playground structure, as well as the building and surrounding areas.

Connect with us to learn more about our products and services. We would be honored to help you and your team on your next project.

Interlocking Playground Tiles For Urban Applications

This is a project for the Military Communities of Hawaii, which is the Navy’s maintenance division on the main island.

Here the installers removed the old playground/surfacing and installed a brand-new play structure in conjunction with Unity's rubberized safety surfacing. Our self-interlocking tiles with button-lock technology are installed over a compacted aggregate sub base that is approximately 5" (inches) thick. All of which is recessed and surrounded by a concrete header/boarder to give the ENTIRE area ADA accessibility.

This is the first project they have installed with the Unity brand of products and are very impressed by the overall look and performance.

The optional design patterns were a neat addition in making this a very unique play experience both for the military personal and the children who will be using it.

Unity on Hawaii Military Base Community Playground using pigmented play tiles

As a proud member of the USGBC, we continues to strive to provide the industry with the most environmentally friendly rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and pavers.

Our emphasis on maximizing recycled rubber content and minimizing potentially harmful substances in the manufacturing of our code-compliant products is proof of our commitment to you and our environment. 

We have taken leadership roles in ASTM, CPSC, UL, FM and LEED transparency by entering into partnerships with several independent testing labs to provide third party results that truly sets the standards by which all others are measured.

This is why many architects, engineers and designers look to us for peace-of-mind.

School Playground Project in NYC for the SCA Using Play-Land Series

Unity offers you more options in playground tiles that most, letting you choose from the widest palette of TPV (EPDM) color chips and size in order to achieve your vision..............just like you see here.

Our TPV color chips are stronger than traditional EPDM chips offering more durability. The natural through-the-playground colors provide exceptional color matching with the surfacing even for the most demanding of clients.

Here the customer selected a playground with these colors and asked us to match the safety surfacing tiles accordingly...and we did. Splash Design was chosen using 60% Blue chips mixed and 40% Light Grey chips mixed with standard black to achieve the color blending that you see.

The transitional ramps we painted an ocean blue color to have the boarders system stand out to anyone that crosses its path in order to reduce tripping.

NYC School Playground using crumb rubber tile in Splash Design

Made from 95% recycled materials, and available in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses, Unity's playground tiles offer a durable, eco-friendly solution for all your playgrounds this one at this inner city school.

It is almost twice the size of traditional playground tiles thanks to its double size with a fake seam down the middle, and offering our exclusive "step & repeat method of installations, our system will go down much faster during the installation process, yet provide exceptional resistance to vandalism.

After the PIP system was removed only after a couple of years, the customer selected our standard pigmented green 2.5" thick "Play-land" tiles to resemble grass............after all, it is a concrete jungle out there.

Unfortunately, budget did not allow for new equipment under this scope.

Crumb rubber tile on school playground after PIP failed

Just recently, a customer called stated the following: "we have a PIP (Pour-In-Place) system that is failing and we want to switch to your tiles. However, we are concerned with how the tiles will line up with all the irregular shapes that is found within our playground area."

Our answer was to simply show them this image, CAD files and Detailed Drawings of the same.

As you can see in this park playground in Union City, NJ., cutting to irregular shapes and patterns are effortless with the help of a skilled installer and the correct tools.....such as a jig-saw.

3" EPDM/TPV top Soft-Land Series was installed using a blend of 45% Regular Blue and 45% Light Blue as specified by the architect and municipality.

Interlocking Rubber Tiles on Playground

Can anyone tell me what distinguishes the playground on the left with the orange playground on the right? We can.

It lacks life and excitement that would not only compliment the playground structure, the park setting, but also the community.

Having worked directly with this landscape architect to choose custom blended EPDM/TPV top tiles, the breathtaking emotions of the children and the community truly expands a child’s ability to value their own capabilities and celebrate others………something we worked hard to do in the blending process and color coordination of this park playground.

Here is a playground area that has installed our interlocking safety surfacing, flooring and paver products after the pour-in-place system failed at another location.

We have since installed our "Soft-Land" series in Green with highlighted Red tile (see in the distance to the right) for the custodian to easily find and access the man-hole cover.

Our playground tiles were counter-sunk level with the surrounding areas to give children in this inner city to roam freely without the worry of tripping. Truly making the ENTIRE play area ADA compliant.

Your reputation is everything. It generates repeat business and separates us from the competition. That is why you need safety surfacing products your are proud to attach your name to. Since 1987 we have,and continue to deliver features and benefits you need in an interlocking rubber tile system that is unmatched to this day. Which is why this municipality decided to stick with a tile system as a replacement product.

Our Play-Land series was selected in the Terra Cotta RED color after a competing brand failed..........even with impressive warranties and installations that are "certified" which is originally "what sold us on the system in the first place".

We encourage you, just like these folks, to give us a shot on your next surfacing project.

Interlocking Playground Tiles for Municipal Park in the Northeast

Working hand-in-hand with the general contractor, Unity installed there 3”thick Soft-Land series for this Condo development in NJ.

The engineering department chose Unity as a result of their extensive testing with ASTM. CPSC, ADA, USGBC safety standards, coupled with our knowledge and experience in the industry.


Green was selected by the architect, and designer, then approved by the board member as one was quoted saying: “very little greenery around this entire complex”. And one parent was quoted saying: “love the idea that kids can not only swim in the pool, but play on the playground as well.”

Personally designed by Unity, we came up with this simple pattern of using Blue tiles as the field units with Tan transitional ramps.

Two colors not found in the playground structure to really give this playground area some life and excitement. Since this 5-12 year playground project was completed, we have since started on phase II using the same design for the 2-5 year old playground area.

It will be hard to notice, but both  play areas will maintain the “step & repeat” method of installation for this housing authority complex in NYC. 

At this 6,000 sq. ft. playground area, like many others across the globe, Unity provides sof surfaces that children and adult can use…….worry free.

Here the owners decided to go with green as if children would be playing on grass. Although not seen in this image. Unity has installed there rubber tiles using the “Step & Repeat system which lines real seam up with fake seam……..similar to “brick work”.

This technological advancement in design provide an even more worry free balance to the playground area. To learn more about this type of installation process go to our "technical information page" of our website.

Here at this Housing Authority project, Blue and Gray pigmented tiles were selected to compliment the theme of this playground structure. The layout/pattern was selected by the landscape architect in conduction with Unity’s design team.

The result............a 3 to 1 zigzag pattern was created. Look closely at the red tile in the right corner – Working closely with the maintenance department at this facility, Unity learned that the manhole cover needed to be accessed in case of an emergency.

The solution– a red tile was installed for easy finding and access. Red transitional ramps were also selected to signify (change of color = change of elevations) to anyone that they are stepping on, or off the playground area.
Here at this school for special needs, the architect in conjunction with the board of directors and principal has selected what is known as our “Splash Design" series where we have added a certain percentage of TPV/EPDM chips on the top of our standard tile/mat/block/paver system.

The outcome is a 50/50 blend of black and this case, bright red. We can offer up to three different color blends and percentages with respect to our rubber play tiles. Contact us today to request a sample blend for your next project.

After completing several other projects for this municipality in NJ, Unity once again stepped up to the plate by providing this park project with Blue pigmented tiles in this once bland playground area that stood the old black vulcanized rubber tiles/mats.

These tiles were counter-sunk with the outside walkway/pathway areas provide unlimited ADA access points to this playground. If you would like to see how the held up after Hurricane Sandy….and under five (5) feet of salt water and debris…..check out our “Projects Page” under “Old Surfacing Projects”........... you will be pleasantly pleased.

What if we could put the "play" back into playground surfacing? 

Well........we can, and we did with the introduction of our multi-purpose safety matting that can be used in more ways than one. 

Here, our hopscotch inspired playground flooring combines play and socialization among children and adults of all ages, creating additional site amenities to any playground environment.

It can be seamlessly integrated into our interlocking tiles during the manufacturing process along with letters from the alphabet designed to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Go to our "Contact Us" page to learn more.

Please visit our video page to watch how much the children love to use it.

Multi-purpose playground tiles with hopscotch design

Thanks to the innovative science behind our recycled products, architects, engineers, designers and planners can now build beautiful surfaces that literally make our environment cleaner and safer for children to enjoy.


Just look at how beautifully designed the rubber tiles are in conjunction with the playground equipment. It truly sets the standard by which all others are measured.

Available is several colors, thicknesses and textures, Unity can enhance any project as seen here. Let us help you design something that will set that standard even higher.

Here at this Housing Authority courtyard area stood an old playground structure with traditional safety surfacing (virgin vulcanized rubber). Today, Unity Surfacing Systems has provided this agency with the newly advanced playground tiles (recycled rubber).

As we quote: “Erick Prinz and Unity Surfacing Systems helped us turn a good play area into a great play area by providing us with a unique design that would compliment the playground structure". The addition of the colored tiles into the play environment is a great marriage that added an extra dimension of play for the children. We are quite happy with the results".

We are VERY pleased with how this project turned out. Hopefully you will be too.

Here is another NYC Parks Department Playground project where we installed the 2 ½” thick “Play-Land” series using a unique pattern to resemble a checkerboard using Black and Terra Cotta (Red) in a 50/50 ratio.

This design was selected to compliment the splash-pad area to the left of this image as well as the right where stamped asphalt will be installed after the final stages of the construction work is complete.


As you can see design complexity is no match for us and our products. With the newly advanced "Running Bond Method of Installation". This blend of form and function can be transforming for the end user.

What is uniquely amazing about this project is the fact that it is right along the Hudson River in the Bronx. With that, this playground was design to resemble a water flow feature to compliment the same.

Behind where this image was take is a small stream that ends at the beginning of this playground. The water feature is then picked up again by the use of the beach blue and sandy tan tiles strategically placed throughout the playground area that will be carried over to the wall you see in the distance (behind the playground structure).

At that wall, another water feature will be painted to give it a complete “finished” look that Henry Hudson would be proud of. Hats off to the architects, engineers and designers who work so hard to make this project what it is today.

Whether in large playground settings, private schools or daycare centers, Unity delivers high-performance products designed to withstand not only foot traffic, but heavy environmental weather conditions, while at the same time providing remarkable color customization with the use of UV stable EPDM granules uniquely blended to allows for unlimited design options while providing children the opportunity to safety challenge themselves.

Here the blend is 85% Red/10%Blue/5% Yellow in about half the play tiles with the other half having a blend of: 85% Green/10%Blue/5% Yellow.

This municipality has understood the need for a product that can truly help them with the "storm water management issue".

Check out our "Video" page of our website to see who, what, when, where, how and why this product was mentioned. 

When working with the architects, engineers, designers and community board members collectively, we came up with a design for this playground area that has complimented the structure and the surrounding areas quite well.

Here we used a blend of 40% black/25% Orange/15% Yellow EPDM top tile to create a breathtaking safety surfacing that is unmatched.

The "Step & Repeat" system was maintained throughout the installation process.

We seeking customization like this, let us help you design a surfacing material that would compliment your theme.

Here at this SCA/BOE playground project in NYC, Unity has installed there 3” thick Soft-Land series to meet the demanding drop height requirements of this playground structure as well as the internal SCA/BOE demands for safety.

Working with the designer and school principal we have come up with a solution that would compliment the playground structure and surrounding buildings. With that, we used our “Splash™” design using 50% of Beige EPDM.

This project is the first of its kind………and expect to see more like it thanks to this image being posted by the Associated Press.

Based upon their experience on the last project they were on just a year prior, the general contractor (GC) of this playground project quickly realized that the pour-in-place (PIP) system was not going to hold up in the active, common areas of the most demanding playgrounds.

With that, the GC convinced the municipality to have the sub-contractor install durable rubber tiles that are manufactured with heat and pressure. This sub-contract selected Unity "Soft-Land" series in the swing areas and at the bases of slides areas became more of a need then a want.

Working closely with the GC and sub-contractor, Unity has provided an exact color match to compliment the surfacing area. Since this project completed, we have installed our tile system throughout the entire playground area in other parks projects for this municipality…………. including the one that had the PIP system previously installed.

Here at this Housing Authority project, property managers were looking for playground materials that would be cut to fit snug around all the posts, columns supports and even the curbing that surrounds this recreational area.

Such versatility is unmatched with us due to our "step & repeat" system with bolts down capabilities that locks our products tightly together for many years of hassle-free enjoyment preventing product-to-product separation, curling and pealing typically found in a standard tile/mat/block system.


Green was selected in this area to give it the idea that you would be on grass in the "concrete jungle" of NYC.

Unity was given free reign to come up with a layout/design/pattern that would WOW this swing area of this park in NJ. We decided to utilize a combination of diamond shapes within the “step & repeat” method of installation.

We feel we have accomplished this goal by giving you what you see here.

This is just one of five playground areas located within this park totaling 27,000 sq. ft. Let us help you surface America…… playground at a time.


PS: if you notice..........the entire system is counter-sunk.

Recycled rubber is more then just an old car tire. It is renewable and responsible resource that can be recycled and reused into fine products such as ours. It is environmentally friendly, delivering more in terms of beauty, versatility and performance as seen in this photograph.

It meets or exceeds ASTM, CPSC, ADA and USGBC-LEED safety standards.


New technologies in product design have enabled longer life spans and continue to expand the possibilities for our products to be used on your next project as we can help achieve that goal.

Having only installed 9,900 sq. ft. of our safety surfacing material on this 76,000 sq. ft. project so far, Unity has been recommended to several other surrounding communities in need of a better safety surfacing that will outlast the hundreds of children that come to play on there playground each and every day.

This playground area is designed to show a line formation while at the same time maintaining the “Step & Repeat” method of installation…lining real seams up with fake seams. This truly shows that regardless of design..........we can help.


PS: Again......entire playground area counter-sunk for complete ADA access.

Unity’s recycled products, mixed with blended amounts of EPDM/TPV materials, allow us to generate our “premium series”.

It isn’t just taking tiles/mats/blocks/pavers to new lengths, its creating unlimited design possibilities with any of our custom color combinations and design patterning that we can help you with on your project.

Additionally, beyond our newly designed self-interlocking system coupled with the “Button-Lock™” technology to allow for a “running-bond” method of installation, Unity can generate sophisticated layouts, designs and or patterns as seen here in this NYC Park.

Check out our "Video" page of our website to see who, what, when, where, how and why this product was mentioned.