Misc. Projects

Here at this sporting goods store in Roosevelt, New York, we installed our custom made 4” thick XL Series to meet a twelve (12’) foot fall rating as it would soon be converted to an interactive rock-wall.

Once the golf season is over, this area will allow customers to test out products on the rock climbing wall that is requiring a thick rubber pad necessary to withstand a fall onto the surfacing below. 

Here is a driveway that has been converted from the traditional hard asphalt material to a soft surface made from recycled materials that is not only clean and safe to use, but environmentally friendly at the same time.


When addressing durabilty............you might want to ask these two cars that travel on this surfacing several times a day. 


Do you see any issues...........neither do we.


The building owner of this two family residence in Huntington Long Island was having reoccurring water problems that were causing the carpet, ceramic, vinyl systems to prematurely fail, which eventually rusted out the bottoms of the washer/dryer.

After replacing the washer/dryer units, the owners decided it was time for a more durable product…..Unity’s Tough-Land series in the “battle-ship gray” color to elevate the washer/dryer units off the ground to prevent future damage. Since this job took place, Unity has been back to complete the balance of the 900 sq. ft. area that was turned into a recreation room as well.

Here at this residential house in Tampa, FL, The washer/dryer sat on the ceramic tiles with the rest of the first floor, consisting of a living room, dining room, eat-in-kitchen and master bedroom with concrete as the sub-base. After living in the home for less then a year, the owners where tired of hearing and felling the flooring vibrate.

With that, they decided to contact Unity to provide a soft surface that helps reduce the problems that are occurring. Here we installed our 1 ¾” thick Pave-land series in the Sandy Tan color to compliment the theme of the home.

Here is a huge retail clothing store that is making an effort to promote sustainable living by installing our recycled products at one of there locations.

Our 1” thick Tough-Land series was selected in the recreational section of the store. Since then many other stores have followed suit.