New = Turf-Top Tiles for Roof Patio

Introducing Unity's "Tuft-Top" Tiles, a new, versatile rubber paver system that makes it easy to enhance the look and functionality of your space. It was developed to bring modular, cost-effective and easy-to-install products to customers in a time when defining quick, comfortable and "socially distance" areas of outside enjoyment is more pressing than ever.

This product can be installed directly onto your rooftop membrane, fitness area and/or playground without the need of foam backings, drainage mats, pedestals, etc. by simply engaging the female interlocks with the male interlocks and snapping them into place. In high wind-zone areas, glue/adhesive can be applied to the male interlocking joints for added strength and security.

We offer different thicknesses from 1.75” to 4” thick along with different types of turf-tops based on its use, whether it be for: pets, playgrounds, fitness, or fire rated rooftop applications……….we have it all.