Here is a residential building that has installed our rubber pavers on there rooftop patio for a true "Green Roof" status to qualify for LEED points and credits. As you can see they have combined the use of a wood deck area along with the rubber pavers to give this rooftop some definition.
Here the property owners are trying to achieve the status of a "Green Roof." To start they have installed our 2 1/4" (inch) thick, environmentally friendly rubber pavers in Terra Cotta (Red) to give this build the obeisance of walking on concrete pavers that are soft. This patio area is located in the common area of the building overlooking the downtown area. Wow......what a view.

Here is a small yet important installation we did for a homeowner in Connecticut. This wonderful elderly gentlemen was unable to venture down the stair to go outside and enjoy his day. Instead he called us in to install a small patio area on his roof deck so he can now barbecue and enjoy the outdoors. Since then we have installed several others in the area.

Here at this private rooftop patio area of a well know actor in New York City, we have installed our rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products at this persons sole request. Why? because they were so enamored that this material was made from 100% recycled which is molded into a finished product, this person just had to have it. They went with "Steel" color gray to match the look of concrete.
This picture was taken at a personal residents whom decided to install our "play-Land"products on there observation deck instead of wood decking or concrete pavers. Our rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products are a great alternative to wood and concrete because of it's softness and drainage abilities. Our tiles-mats-blocks are overlooking the Throgs Neck Bridge in New York at this multi-million dollar home. Here we provided the customer with the special "top-coat", a protective coating against UV rays. What a view!
This rooftop patio was in dire need of our resilient rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products over the concrete pavers. After all, being in an assisted living complex many of the guests, care takers, etc were complaining about leg fatigue and burses upon falling or tripping onto the surfacing below. Here we solved there problem by installing our 2 " thick interlocking "Play-Land" series in red with an outlining color in green.
Here you see a rooftop patio that was never used until now. After getting an approval from the board of directors, this tenant in a high-rise building was now able to use here rooftop patio to entertain family, friends and guests after installing our "Play-Land" products. Don't tell anyone I am telling you this, but she also uses this so her dogs can go outside by themselves, if you know what I mean. Shhhhhhhh!
Here is another rooftop patio that has the "Play-Land" series in a 50/50 mix of red and green using the zigzag pattern installed like "brick work" to stagger the seams which makes for a much better installation that will last a very long time, especially with the interlocks, locking this way. We are sure that everyone in this building will enjoy there new 5,000 square foot area.
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