Backyard Patio - Chicago, IL.

Even though some buildings have existing backyard areas where other buildings are surrounding them, most are not in use, or are accessible. Here you see a backyard patio with our rubber blocks installed in the "Steel Gray" color to give it a wet cement (concrete) look over the traditional wood decking. Why? To be different, and to make it softer for the tenants as the property manager stated.


Here you see our floor mats installed on this infinity patio area at this Colorado ski house. This infinity look is common in pools overlooking the water. Now you can experience the same look with your patio overlooking the grass and wooded area as well. Contact our offices for more information.

Penthouse Patio - Westchester, NY.

OK, so we install our products on very high-end buildings across the globe as well. As you can see our safety pavers were installed on this private penthouse utilizing as much of the rooftop patio with our new "Sandy Tan" as we could. This color was selected by the architectural team whom reviewed the selection with the homeowner that wanted something no one else had. What's not to like about this view. We would like to personally thank the homeowners Dr. Dave and Jane Goldsmith for sending in this photo.

Rooftop Patio - Boston, MASS.

Here is a private rooftop patio that has installed our rubber mats in white. The owner, a recycling advocate, was astound that our safety mats contained an acoustical value, a class "A" fire rating and came in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses, all from recycled tires and rubber. We quote: "No more hanging out in the lobby for me". - Brian Smith.

Shared Patio's - Conn.

Safety was a major concern for this high-end building that had extra rooftop space to spare that was converted into patio use. The architect has choisen our safety tiles known as patio pavers in the same color as the railing, Steel Gray. Again the USGBC with its LEED credits and points played a major factor in what product was selected. And that product was our 1 ¾" thick Pave-Land series.


Here is a residential building that has installed our rubber pavers on there rooftop patio for a true "Green Roof" status to qualify for LEED points and credits. As you can see they have combined the use of a wood deck area along with the rubber pavers to give this rooftop some definition.

Early Green Roof - Brooklyn, NY.

Here the property owners are trying to achieve the status of a "Green Roof." To start they have installed our 2 1/4" (inch) thick, environmentally friendly rubber pavers in Terra Cotta (Red) to give this build the obeisance of walking on concrete pavers that are soft. This patio area is located in the common area of the building overlooking the downtown area. Wow......what a view.

Private Patio - CONN.

Here is a small yet important installation we did for a homeowner in Connecticut. This wonderful elderly gentlemen was unable to venture down the stair to go outside and enjoy his day. Instead he called us in to install a small patio area on his roof deck so he can now barbecue and enjoy the outdoors. Since then we have installed several others in the area.

Private balcony, NYC, NY.

Here at this private rooftop patio area of a well know actor in New York City, we have installed our rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products at this persons sole request. Why? because they were so enamored that this material was made from 100% recycled which is molded into a finished product, this person just had to have it. They went with "Steel" color gray to match the look of concrete.



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