Problems = Solutions

One may think..........."what is so spectacular about this image".

What you may not see is the different shades of custom blended TPV (EPDM) top tiles to create a colorful safety surfacing area that really makes this playground pop. 

It was designed to make the playground area look like fresh cut grass, with a mower going back and forth (two different directions) to give it the look that you see here. 

Hats off the architects and designers of this project as we get a lot of compliments with respect to the finished results.

TPV color chips in question are 90% Dark Green with 10% Bright Green. Then the reverse using 90 Bright Green with 10% Dark Green. 

Playground Surfacing To Look Like Fresh Cut Grass

Recently, we were asked if holes can be drilled into our rubber tiles, mats, blocks, pavers to allow for additional water flow to the drainage outlets during heavy rains.

The answer is "YES", even though our products are water permeable (both at the body and at the seams), our products can allow for holes to be drilled from the underside of the produce, in-between the cones, to allow for access water to drain more effectively from the top.

Here we are showing a sample unit with a cut out for both a square (left) and round (right) drain that would sit below our products. 

Keep in mind, this should be done on-site as the drain location and product positioning may not line up exactly as shown.

A customer came to us and asked the following: They have two playground areas requiring two different drop height requirements. How can we cut costs here?

In order to cut cost
s, we asked if we could provide two different thicknesses without creating a tripping hazard. Our solution was to provide our “Transitional Ramps” to separate the two areas as noted herein.

Our other suggestion was to 
change the color in order to better see the change in elevation. However, in this case the client wanted to have the same colors throughout both playground areas as shown to the right. With this in mind, regardless of your situation, please contact us to see how we can help solve some of the problems you are the one seen here.
Playground Tiles Transitioning From One Thickness To The Next

We show this image for two reasons.

1.) The red transitional ramp (edge) is a different color, this is to symbolize a change of elevation in order to reduce tripping on and off the play area. The different color makes it easier to see. You can also notice the inside and outside corners cut with ease.

2.) Look very carefully in the upper right-hand corner of this image. Notice a single red tile in the distance? This tile was placed there for the maintenance department to easily find the man-hole cover/drain area.

Let us help you come up with some creative ways to solve your problems.

Another customer came to us and asked the following: How do we safety secure a playground on a rooftop of a this case, our school?

Since Unity 
is also widely known for "rooftop playground" applications, we met with the vendor of said playground equipment company, and work together to come up with a solution that would best fit everyone’s needs............especially this private school in NYC.

With that, “spider-webbing” was 
designed to create a “surface mount” structure. Unity then began to install there custom made (heavier/denser rubber playground pavers) to go over the spider webbing, yet be cut around the playground posts and parapit for a nice clean finished shown here.

This installation sparked many other instal
lations across the country........and the world as a result of this project. Our “Projects Page” and “Before & After Page” of our internet website shows other rooftop playgrounds we have completed.