NYC (5 boroughs) – Rooftop Specification/Approval

This document together with proper labeling and installation in accordance with New York City Building Code will enable the inspector to know that the product installed is legal.

All shipments and deliveries of accepted materials to the job site are required to be labeled or tagged in accordance with the format below:

Accepted For Use
City of New York
Department of Buildings
MEA 66-97-M Vol. II

Pursuant to Administrative Code Section 27-131, the following equipment or materials has been found acceptable for use subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.

MEA 66-97-M Vol. II

Manufacturer: Unity Surfacing Systems / Unity Creations, LTD.
Office: 56 Bloomingdale Rd. Hicksville, NY. 11801. T: (1-877) 41-UNITY. Email:
Manufacturing: 3997 RT 9W (PO Box 9) Saugerties, NY. 12477. TF: (1-800) 293-9822.

Trade Name(s): Unity Creations, LTD. / Unity Surfacing Systems / Surfacing Systems

Product(s): Tough-Land, Pave-Land, Play-Land, Soft-Land, XL-Series for roof covering materials in the tile/mat/block/paver form.

Pertinent Code Section(s): 27-337

Prescribed Test(s): RS 5-10 (ASTM E-108, E-108 Modified, E-648).

Laboratory: VTEC Laboratories, Inc.

Test Report(s): VTEC test reports no. 100-684-1 April 04, 1997 and 100-938 May 12, 1999.

Description: Self-Interlocking rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products in the tile/mat-/block/paver form that are resilient and come in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses for roof covering applications over new and existing roofs. This product is made from 100% recycled tires and rubber particles blended with polyurethane and pigments, which are molded, pressed and cured to a measurement of 22” (inches) X 44’ (inches) in length. This material when tested complies with ADA, CPSC and ASTM safety guidelines that meet a Class “A” rating and must be installed by certified installers following manufacturer’s instructions for the fire resistance classification indicated.

Terms and Conditions: That the above roof covering assemblies, utilizing the rubber tile-mats-blocks when     installed in accordance with the instructions for installation supplied by the  manufacturing on the roof, and be accepted for the fire resistance classification indicated. A certificate, or label, shall accompany, all shipments and deliveries of such materials, certifying that the materials shipped or delivered are equivalent to those tested and acceptable for use as provided for in article 27-131 of the Building Code.

Final Acceptance:  September 22, 2005

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