Water/Pool/Splash Pad Areas

Unity’s hygienic products are ideal in applications where water is present, like this pool/diving area.

The raw materials mixed together at the manfuacturing facility in conjunction with the bottom cone (feet/legs) design in the molding process elevates the top layer to resist the harmful effects of contaminated water and chemicals. It is slip-resistant qualities (wet or dry) provide supperior protection for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, the shock absorption proerties is designed to cushion a fall onto the surfacing below. Blue pigmented tiles were selected to give this application an “ocean like feel.“

Here you see a roof deck fitting with our 2 ½” thick “Play-Land” series around a pool. That’s right ………… a rooftop rehabilitation hydrotherapy pool, has used our products on this application where concrete pavers once stood.

As more and more people were using the facility, the staff members were getting concerned about the increase in injuries of both the children and adults in and around the area; and the solution ……… Unity.

We provided a soft surface that would not only compliment the building…….but it’s users as well. “Before and After” images can be found under the “Before and After” section.
Our floor tile is a great addition to this community pool. Here you see an 800 sq. ft. diving board/pool area that was required to install our safety surfacing materials as instructed by the Health Department due to the increase in recent injuries (note the fencing on top of the diving platform).

As a result of installing this flooring, injuries are down by 30% to both the staff and the attendees. Additionally, there insurance company has recommended us to other facilities they insure. Please check out the “before” and “after” images on the “Before and After” section.
Here is a water spray apparatus that squirts water into the surrounding pool where children play. After continued abuse of foot traffic and chemicals, the pour-in-place surfacing simply did not hold up.

The park district decided to go with a safety surfacing that could not only withstand the foot traffic and chemicals, but also the harsh conditions of the environment as well……………and Unity was the only product of choice. It interlocks with the new “Button-Lock™ Technology” to further resist expansion and contraction issues found in other products on the market today.

The client chose a solid EPDM top using a 70/30 combination of 70% Blue and 30% white. Photo’s of the before and after can be found on our “Before & After Images” section of our website.
Here is a VERY TALL diving board / pool area in Princeton, NJ. that has installed our 3 ½” thick soft tile to yield them a 10 foot fall rating that complies with the current ASTM fall safety height requirements.

This park & recreational department didn’t want to take any chances of injuries onto the surfacing below and installed the “Soft-Land” materials weeks before the pool even opened.

Recent expansion plans to the pool area has resulted in Unity surfacing the remaining diving board areas. Images will be available in Spring 2013. 
Here is our first pool are in Vandalia , MO. that has installed our 2 ¼” thick play tile to yield them a 7 foot fall rating.

Even though there diving boards were 5 feet off the ground, this park & recreational department didn't want to take any chances of injuries onto the surfacing below.

As a result we have increase the drop by the height of the railing to EXCEED the safety of both children and adults.