Unity continues to take thrills to new heights. Towering over the busy streets below, we harness the unique challenges that city children and adults face every day............wanting to enjoy the outside.

Here we truly bring design to new heights with an innovative, fully accessible, common area that both children and adults can use.........year round.

The custom designs and architecturally-inspired creativity in the finished surfacing we provided speaks volumes while adding an element of perceived value to this once desolate rooftop area.

Three (3) different TPV blended top tiles were selected for this project. Please go to our "Contact Us" page to learn more.

Rooftop Playground Tiles Using Custom Blended TPV Material on Top

Manufactured with recycled rubber content, Unity's products is a unique paving alternative that helps to earn Sustainable Site Credits and LEED points.

Available in several colors and thicknesses, as well as textures, Unity will surely enhance your next project.

Here at this private residence in Connecticut, known as Rock-Hill, the homeowner (an architect) decided to select our 1 3/4" thick "Pave-Land" series for there rooftop application.

Slate Grey was selected to match the decor of the guest bedroom and grounds.

We were blessed to take a video of the installation process that can be found by hovering over Technical Info, then scrolling down to "Video's". 

With the broadest variety of paving products in the industry, Unity has been making making architectural dreams a reality since 1987. Especially with products like our 1 3/4" thick Pave-Land Series as shown here.

The homeowner of this private residence was seeking a product that would not only work for them, but for the conditions of the environment as well.....after all, they are in the northeast.....and on the water, salt water that is.

We felt we accomplished this with our standard Terra Cotta - Red pigmented color rubber pavers that would off-set the house and really POP as a rooftop patio area for them and the guest that they entertain here at there summer retreat.

Unity Pavers on rooftop of private residence in Conn

Yes, tower erectors on a national level are looking for our products to install on their rooftops as it is becoming more and more essential, especially for the applications with limited to no access.

Here is a radio tower installation we completed in northern Maine where all of the material needed to be helicoptered to the mountain top of the job site. Our products were selected for many reasons:  ease of installation, water drain ability, color (black) to help melt the snow faster. Rubber as it meets or exceeds Class 4 impact, wind up-lift, Class A fire ratings, insulation value and so much more.

With an association such as this, we are encouraging others to look at our products and services.

National Association of Tower Erectors Radio Tower Project

Fun and excitement meet in the creation of the rooftop playground project. Our irregular size (22"X44") clearly shows how the "step & repeat" method of installation really works, while the tapered (feet/leg/cone) bottom design form a solid, yet soft supportive comfort to the children and staff whom use the matter the weather conditions.

We encourage you to challenge us on your next rooftop project as we are designed to be environmentally friendly offering the widest selection of permeable products on the market today.

We will work closely with you to make what ever vision you have a reality.....just like we did for this client who turned and empty space into a people space.

PS: Under the tarp is a water feature that they use in the summer months.

Charter School Rooftop Playground Project using Pave-Land
With the architect’s recommendation for this product, we met with the local builder and the owner to discuss the features and benefits of this system over most other products, such as concrete pavers, wood decking, etc., for this rooftop application.

Being built in a college town that would be housing students for the most part, our 1 ¾” thick “Pave-Land” series was selected to minimize vandalism, broken beer bottles and wine glasses while at the same time offering no impediments to handicapped accessibility and pedestrian traffic........oh, and did we mention noise reduction.

Since this project was completed, we have been recommended for several other (similar) projects throughout the US and Canada.

Unity provides unparalleled performance designed to meet you sustainable goals of environmentally preferable products, energy efficiency, while minimizing waste and reducing green house gases as seen in this photograph. 

With that, Unity becomes part of the solution for roofing consultants, architects, engineers, facility owners and managers, designers as well as contractors.

Here, the CEO of the company was tired of looking out his window to a god-awful roof. With approval, our Tan pavers were selected to compliment the buildings décor'.

Ask us how we can help you become part of the solution……….not the problem.

This condo complex in Fort Lee, NJ., installed our rubber tile system over there parking garage of this development where the old pour-in-place (PIP) once stood.

The reason for the switch, the roofing manufacturer voided the warranty after realizing that the repairmen where cutting the PIP system apart to get the roof membrane for maintenance issues. With that, they were cutting through the membrane in many locations......just to find the leak, a big problem that lead to the manufacturer voiding the warranty.

As you can see, our tiles have been approved by the roofing manufacturer as it provides: plenty of drainage, ease of replacement and access, class “A” fire ratings for roof coverings, etc. 2.5" thick Green was selected to give the children the atmosphere that they are playing on grass.
With it comes to performance, durability, long-term value and ease of installation, our products are second to none for residential application such as this.

We provide thermal and mechanical protection that sets the standards for all others to follow. Our rubber pavers deliver a tighter building envelop while meeting the most rigorous sustainability and energy-efficiency requirements.

With a beautiful, sophisticated appearance of our EPDM top tiles (90% White / 10% Black), they are ideal for high-profile applications like this with endless design options whether its: rooftops, terraces, plazas, balconies, green roofs and/or patios.
Designing high-performance rooftop playground tiles, as seen here, requires high-performance products to withstand not only foot traffic….but environmental weather/aging conditions such as hot, cold, snow, sleet, rain, hail, wind, etc., as well.

Being in business since 1987, allows us to offer a full line of indefensible rubber rooftop playground tile products with unlimited design potential backed by the industry’s most durable warranty, allowing just about anyone to create a unique play area suited for……..well…..just about anyone.

This was another “Design-to-Concept” project, which can be viewed on our website under “Technical Info”, sub-section: “Design Center”. We are doing more and more of these “Design-to-Concept” projects to help customers better understand our products..........and its capabilities.

Here is a roof deck that simply installed our rubber products over the recreational club house to avoid having the penthouse tenants above look down onto a dark, ugly roofing membrane system that was not appealing to the eye, especially when you’re looking out onto the water as seen here.

After looking at many other types of roof decking material, this client chose us, and a color that would match the rest of the theme in the complex…..Tan… give it that beach resort feel.......which is exactly what the wanted.


Since this project was completed several years ago, the management company has written a “letter of recommended”, which can be found on our website under “References”........have a look for yourself.


Here you see a roof deck fitted with out 1 ¾” thick Pave-Land series in a diamond shape pattern to give this assisted living facility some character and design features.

As you can see: furniture, planters and other items can be placed directly onto our rubber pavers with ease. Green was selected to give the residence the atmosphere that they are enjoying the grass without having to go downstairs and outside to the busy streets.


We have recently learned that the 

Although still under construction when this image was taken, this 6,000 sq. ft. rooftop restaurant was fitted with our custom-blended TPV top tiles known as the Pave-Land series utilizing a blend of 50% lt gray and 50% med gray.

If you look closely at the rubber pavers, you will notice that they are off-center with the seams. This is thanks to our new “running-bond” method of installation that allows you to lock the tile anywhere along the interlocking joint.............a feature that can only be found here.
Another rooftop area that is……………going green……….. in Philadelphia. This project was completed in just one day. As you can see here, this client chose Terra Cotta Red to give this rooftop that brick patio look.

Furniture, umbrellas, and barbeques are no match for Unity. Tenants couldn’t want to decorate with plants before we were able to snap a single photograph.
This architect wanted to help reduce the storm water runoff for this building in New York City.

There solution was to install a green roof on part of it, with the remaining roof utilizing the sustainable products provided by Unity Surfacing Systems.

As you can see, the view is spectacular and the architect liked the idea of reducing the heat island effect too.
When it comes to paving solutions for your rooftop project like this one in Cutler Maine for the US Navy, Unity offers a complete line of rubber paver products that provides “Class 4 – Impact Resistant’s”.

With a 26-year history of manufacturing quality and innovation, here we were able to solve the Navy’s problem of having large and heavy icicles falling from the radio tower onto the concrete pavers below.

The force eventually broke the concrete…..then later damaged the roof membrane. After going through rigorous amounts of testing for the Class 4, we presented the “Pave-Land” series to help absorb there problems.
When design, form and function need to be met. Unity’s rubber pavers were selected to compliment this historic building in NYC.

As one can see, due to the durability of our products, barbecue’s, planter, tables, chairs, storage bins, etc. pose no threat to our soft surfaces.

Please visit our “reference page” of our website to view the wonderful compliments we received from the building owner, property manager and installer.
In addition to our interlocking design, Unity now offers there “Button-Lock™” technology where the “projections” of a tile/mat/block/paver (found in-between the female interlocks) are receivable by corresponding “slots” of the adjacent tile/mat/block/paver (found in-between the male interlocks) to help further strengthen the connection of Unity’s interlocking system by truly locking down the entire system. With that horizontal and vertical movement of the rubber pavers is prevented, providing superior wind up-lift protection…….something the architect was extremely concerned about on this project.
This rooftop playground had limited options when selecting a safety surfacing product such as this.

Unity was chosen for this SCA/BOE rooftop playground project for several reasons: fire tests, wind up-lift tests, drainage tests, skid resistance tests, weathering aging tests which lead to MEA approvals. Additionally we had to apply for state, local and federal approval as well.

Once final approval was given the designers selected and checkerboard pattern using the 1 ¾” thick Pave-Land series in Blue and Green. Before and after images can be found on our “Before & After” section of our website.

The owner of this penthouse apartment in Queens, NY decided to go with a soft rubber paver in green to fit a dual purpose for them and there children.

For them: It is a softer material to walk on and enjoy..........especially after a long day at the office.

For the Children: Yes, the softness is there for them to enjoy, but also the color make it fell more like a backyard grassy area.

Project Info: We have installed our 2 ½” thick “Play-Land series in the pigmented Grass Green color. The owners wanted something slightly softer than the tranditional 1 3/4" thick "Pave-Land" series that is typically installed on rooftop.

Here is a rooftop deck in downtown Philly that has installed our 1 ¾” thick “Pave-Land” series in Terra Cotta (Red).

As you can see the tenants wasted no time bring up there lawn furniture, umbrellas and barbeque grill to enjoy there breathe taking view of the city.

Since the completion of this project many years ago, we have since completed several other projects in the area…………and continue to do so.
UNITY’S architectural and ballast pavers are a double tile/mat/block that has an authentic double interlocking system, made from 100% recycled tires and rubber.

his patented tongue and groove technology is designed to snap and hook into place to resist wind-uplift, at the same time provide thermal and mechanical protection for your rooftop recreational area. It comes in a wide variety of colors and thickness to complement your area.

Here Blue rubber pavers were selected for the field area with a band of Tan as the boarder. Meets or Exceeds: FM, ASTM, CPSC, ADA, USGBC-LEED safety standards and guidelines.

These custom blended EPDM top tiles on the rooftop of this private school in Brooklyn New York’s Jewish community deliver remarkable durability and enhanced color combinations with makes for a solid performance that is unmatched day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

Color combo is: 20% Grey / 20% Purple / 20% Blue / 20% Black.
This newly constructed building in Staten Island has chosen Unity’s rubber pavers to compliment the facade of this wonderful condo complex that is on the water over looking the Verrazano Bridge.

After completing this 10,000 sq. ft. project, the building owners and Management Company has used us on several other projects they are working on.

Reference letters can be found on our “References” section of our website for your review.
With growing pressures to reduce, reuse and recycle, architects, engineers and designers are being called upon to establish form, function and cost objectives while reducing environmental impacts.

Unity environmentally friendly products help solve that problem by turning unwanted spaces into usable places.

It’s beauty, versatility, durability and performance meets code requirements for rooftop applications as seen here. Let us help you on your next renewable/responsible project.
Here is a 4,000 sq. ft. rooftop recreational area for children at this public school in NJ. Black 1 ¾” thick “Pave-Land” series was chosen to allow sporting lines of all types to be painted on at a later date in order for children to play any type of sport, whether it be basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, etc.

The “Pave-Land series was selected for the rooftop application, not only to allow water to flow freely to the drainage outlet, but also for its durable fire rating as part of the city requirement in New Jersey.

Unity was selected to replace the existing concrete pavers at this building for many reasons.

While creating stunning energy-efficient roofs for others, our 1 ¾” thick rubber pavers helped reduce heat and glare to lower a rooftop’s overall energy costs.

Additionally, our rubber pavers  increases people enjoyment of being on a roof with a soft surface beneath them as seen here in this photograph.

Green was selected to give the buildings community space a backyard feel to it. Soon a bbq grill and furniture will be seen check back soon for updated photo's.

When the architect was faced with outfitting this condo complex with a sustainable paving system for there rooftop that would not only withstand the weathering conditions, but also the salt-water elements as well.

Unity rose to the challenge of this charming sea-side community tucked into the inlet of Rhode Island by providing a custom blended EPDM/TPV top tile using a mix of 45% light gray / 45% med gray and 10% black.

Check out the "Design Center" section of our website to learn more about blending options for your rooftop.

Enhance your landscape design with our eco-friendly porous rubber pavers. Unity’s products offer a built-in pedestal system, allowing for multi-directional water flow to the drainage outlet.

Our strong interlocking system with “Button-Lock™” Technology offers unparalleled load distribution and great roof protection thanks to several types of wind up-lift and impact resistance testing.
Here at this PH Apartment in NYC, we have installed approximately 400 SF of 1 3/4" Brown Rubber Pavers for two reasons.

1.) The owners have taken in one of there elderly parents, with that, they were worried that if they fall…..they would fall onto a hard, unsafe surface.

2.) since the owners have small child, there were concerned for there safety as well, and wanted a soft flooring material for them to enjoy. Brown was chosen to compliment the theme of the surrounding area.

With the growing demand for usable space, flat rooftops are becoming more and more of an asset to daycare operators, schools, municipalities, property managers and building owner alike.

Here  we installed our 2 1/2" thick rubber playground pavers using several colors in conjunction with our Turf-Top Tiles (shown in the distance) on this rooftop playground several years ago. The grasslike wear layer was manufactured at our facility on top of our 1 3/4" thick "Pave-Land" series in order for the two different materials to merge flat and level when jointed together in order to remain ADA compliant.

This system can also be rolled out and glued on top as well. Contact us today to learn more about this type of installation process for your next project.

  UNITYS Turf-Top Tiles on top of School Rooftop for Playground Use