Patios & Decks

Who knew rooftop patios and decks can look so good. 

Using our water permeable rubber pavers, you too can have a soft feel while at the same time provide storm water management into you theme.

Our rubber pavers have been independently tested to have an infiltration rate at the seam AND at the body which can be found in all of our systems we offer. Based on the design of the building, storm water can dissipate or be routed to the drainage outlet that may be used for landscape irrigation. This way you can be proud to have valuable rooftop real estate as noted in this image of a water front private residence.

1 3/4" Slate Gray (pigmented) was chosen to compliment the buildings facade. 

Rubber Pavers on Rooftop Patio to Help with Storm Water Management

Yes..............we have done it again, on the same building, however, for a different client. We have installed our rubber pavers on yet another penthouse rooftop with breathtaking views.

The recycled rubber products we produce are not only helping the environment, it also helps the people who buy them to utilize more outdoor space. After meeting the wind up-lift criteria, the property managers decided to try a more versatile product……ours.

As you can see it accents the facade of this building quite accurately. You can also view a wonderful “Recommendation Letter” they wrote on our behalf, that can be seen on our website under “References”.

Here you see a roof deck fitted with out 1 ¾” thick Pave-Land series in a diamond shape pattern to give this assisted living facility some character and design features.

As you can see: furniture, planters and other items can be placed directly onto our rubber pavers with ease.

Green was selected to give the residence the atmosphere that they are enjoying the grass without having to go downstairs and outside to the busy streets.

"It has truly been a blessing to have these rubber pavers installed as our injury reports are much lower".

Here is a resort in the Hamptons that was fitted with our rubber roof pavers utilizing the sandy Tan color to match the rest of the theme throughout the complex.

Our pervious walking surface contributes to LEED in: storm water management recycled content and  heat island reduction. 


Let us help you create an area that is unmatched in the industry today.

Another rooftop area that is……………going green……….. is Philadelphia. This project was completed in just one day.

As you can see here, this client chose Terra Cotta Red to give this rooftop that brick patio look. Furniture, umbrellas, and barbeques are no match for Unity.

Tenants couldn’t want to decorate with plants before we were able to snap a single photograph.

When your solution calls for permeable pavers, Unity rubber pavers are a great sustainable solution to stormwater runoff for any rooftop situation....small or large.  

Our product are water permeable allowing stormwater to flow directly through the product, both at the body and at the seams, providing a non-slip surface, wet or dry. 

Green was selected to give this recreational rooftop area the feel of grass..........after all, it is a concrete jungle out there.

During the installation of this project, the project manager of the neighboring building that was being built liked it so much, they presented it to the owners and architects for a design change..........and yes, we are scheduled to complete there roof in the spring of 2017.

UNITY on Rooftop Patio Deck using Green Pigmented 2.5" thick

When design, form and function need to be met. Unity’s rubber pavers were selected to compliment this historic building in NYC.

As one can see, due to the durability of our products, barbecue’s, planter, tables, chairs, storage bins, etc. pose no threat to our sof surfaces.

Please visit our “reference page” of our website to view the wonderful compliments we received from the building owner, property manager and installer.

Here, the new owners of the penthouse were fearful that there children would get hurt on the brick pavers that lined there entire rooftop.

With a recommendation for the property management company, we installed our Terra Cotta (Red), 1 ¾” thick Pave-Land series for this type of application to compliment the existing red bricks throughout.

Since then, we have installed our system on several other rooftops in this building, as you can see, the finished result is priceless.

Here is a roof deck designed by a local architect using a custom blend of TPV/EPDM granules known as our architectural rubber pavers series.

Such blending resulted in a color combination consisting of: 70% Light Grey, 20% Reg. Grey and 10% Dark Grey. As a result, we have turned this empty rooftop into usable space for the client.

Since then, the end users has been able to sit outside and enjoy there view of the city skyline.

Let us help you create a 

Rooftop Patio area of Townhouse in NYC using TPV Top Tiles

In addition to our interlocking design, Unity now offers there “Button-Lock™” technology where the “projections” of a tile/mat/block/paver (found in-between the female interlocks) are receivable by corresponding “slots” of the adjacent tile/mat/block/paver (found in-between the male interlocks) to help further strengthen the connection of Unity’s interlocking system by truly locking down the entire system.

When that horizontal and vertical movement of the rubber pavers is prevented, it provides superior wind up-lift protection…….something the architect was extremely concerned about on this project............after all, it is high up in the mountains.

From the traditional pigmented tiles to the custom blended EPDM/TPV top tiles (seen here), Unity can provide an unlimited design potential for your rooftop paving application.

Additionally, we can provide you with a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, thicknesses and textures that would create and endless array of opportunity for your next project. After working with the architect and engineer at the homeowners request, we came a design that utilizes 90% White / 10% Black to compliment the driveway and patio pavers.

Check out our design center located under the “Technical Info” page of our website to learn more.

The owner of this penthouse apartment in queens decided to go with a soft rubber paver in green to fit a dual purpose for them and there children.

We have installed our 2 ½” thick “Play-Land series in Green to resemble that the children are playing on grass, all while the adults can use it for there enjoyment as well.


If you are looking for a dual purpose system......................we can help.

Unity on Rooftop Patio Deck using 2.5" Play-Land Series

Here is a rooftop deck in downtown Philly that has installed our 1 ¾” thick “Pave-Land” series in Terra Cotta (Red). As you can see the tenants wasted no time bring up there lawn furniture, umbrellas and barbeque grill to enjoy there breathe taking view of the city.

Since the completion of this project many years ago, we have since completed several other projects in the area…………and continue to do so.

Unity's permeable rubber pavers are self-aligning thanks to the built-it staggered interlocking joints with button-lock technology that are evenly spaced apart allowing architect, engineers, designers, property managers and building owners to lock the product tightly together along any interlocking tab for a clean finished look that everyone can enjoy.

This project at Harvard University selected the running bond method of installation where the seam of a tile lines up with the body of the adjacent tile. This type of installation can only be found this rooftop patio area a look that is unmatched in the industry.

Unity's rubber paver products truly lets your style flow more ways than one.

UNITY on Rooftop Patio Deck at Harvard University using Sandy Tan

With growing pressures to reduce, reuse and recycle, architects, engineers and designers are being called upon to establish form, function and cost objectives while reducing environmental impacts.

Unity environmentally friendly products help solve that problem by turning unwanted spaces into usable places. It’s beauty, versatility, durability and performance meets code requirements for rooftop applications as seen here.

Let us help you on your next renewable/responsible project.