Green Roofs

Here at this assisted living facility in New York City, the architectural firm wanted something that was “nice and comfy” to walk on, while at the same time contribute to the design factor of the buildings envelope.

Their solution………..our 1 ¾ “thick “Pave-Land” series. An EPDM/TPV top surface was selected using 90% Cream/White and 10% Lt. Gray to help with USGBC-LEED points and credits as well as provides "energy star" rating for solar reflectivity.

Working with the specifier, green roof suppier and ourselves, we can up with a plan to water the other side of the vegitation, by running the tubes underneath our products in order to do so. This helped to create the design you see here as well as save time and money.

Let Unity help you design your next sustainable green roof project using our rubber paver system made from recycled materials.

Here we installed our ballast mats on this rooftop deck instead of the traditional concrete pavers in an effort to “go green” and qualify for LEED points/credits from USGBC.

After the project was completed, we received a letter from the landscape architect - quoting: “Sustainability and permeability can be seamless with a great design that would complement any green roof system..........and your product did just that.”

Rooftop landscaping designs you’ve been dreaming of can now become a reality. Although the image is blurry, we felt it was extremely important to show you how our product can work in conjunction with concrete pavers and green roof systems alike. Here the architect and building owner wanted to install our products using the newly patented “running bond method of installation”. This allows you to offset the seams of our rubber pavers every 5 ½” by locking our tiles along ANY interlocking tab in order to create as many themes, layouts , patterns and designs throughout your area as you can image, providing complete design freedom for any vision regardless of size, style and/or complexity. Something that is unmatched in the industry today. 


Here at Norman Apartments in Queens, NY, we have installed our 1 ¾” thick “Pave-Land series us the EPDM/TPV blended top tiles/mats/blocks/pavers using 90% White/Cream and 10% Light Gray to compliment this "green roof" system. 

Here too we were able to run the tubing underneath the tiles to water the other side of the walkway and patio/ sitting area. A unique feat that we addressed during the designing phase of the project.

When seeking form, function and visual appeal, our products are a great alternative than the traditional concrete paver system as they are fire resistance, helps resist wind up-lift and provides plenty of drainage to drainage outlet.  With the free-flowing walkway design as seen here, you too can have unlimited design potential and creativity that would compliment your next project. Check out our "Design-To-Concept" page of our site.