Daycare Centers

This Daycare Center decided to install our rubberized safety surfacing flooring and paving products using a unique pattern and layout. Here they used Green as the field with a small design in the center using Grey.

We proceeded to use Terra Cotta RED (change in color) as the transitional (ramp) edge to signify to parents, teachers and children alike that there is a change in elevation “to and from” the play area. Since our unitary tiles/mats/blocks were installed, the Department of Health (who regulates them) was pleased with the results…… were we.

Here is an application for a very large church that has a school program where children can play.

Working with the architect, church, parents and teacher alike, we came up with a 2-to-1 zigzag design using Green and Grey that compliments the pre-school playground area quite well.

Please check out some of our design capabilities located on our “Design” section of our website.

Here at this site, less then a three years in place, stood the terrestrial “pour-in-place” (PIP) surfacing. After the first year, it had to be patched.  Then in year two required more patching at an additional cost that this non-for-profit center had to take on.

Finally, in year three, they received some funding to help replace it with our self-interlocking tiles that are made with heat, pressure and more material per square foot then PIP.After three years of being down, we decided to go back and take this photograph.


The picture speaks for itself.

After years of trying to get funding for this concrete play yard, the charter school decided to go with the 2 ½” thick Play-Land series in green to give it the atmosphere that they are playing on grass.

If you notice the one Gray tile in the distance…..that is where the drain is. Or the Red tile in the very distance….that is the ADA ramp. The owners were so impressed with our interlocking system with “Button-Lock™ Technology”, they have budgeted our product for there other three locations. 

Here you see the back end of a building that was never able to grow grass, or sustain a loose filled material as a safety surfacing option. After searching for an alternative this property manager in conjunction with the daycare center decided on our recreational play tiles were the best fit for this type of situation.

Since they couldn’t get anything colorful to grow, both parties decided to install a colorful playground unit in conjuction with Green for the color of choice for the safety tiles to give children and adults the atmosphere they are playing on grass.

Here is a daycare center and private school that share the same yard for playground activities. They have decided to go with our Red tiles for the field with a hint of Grey in a zigzag formation. This area measurers close to 4,000 sq. ft. where up to 100 children will be playing at any one time.

Notice that everything from the boarder (concrete curb) to the regular ground (walkway) is all level and uniform with no tripping hazards on or off the area. Something that is key in design when reducing injuries result from falls onto the surfacing below.

Unity’s recycled products, mixed with EPDM blends, allow us to generate our premium series as shown here. It isn’t just taking tiles/mats/blocks/pavers to new lengths, its creating unlimited design possibilities with many EPDM/TPV color combinations.

Additionally, beyond its new interlocking design to allow for a “running-bond” method of installation, Unity can generate sophisticated layouts in a wide range of colors and designs to meet just about any needs as seen here at an airports recreational area.

This site was part of the “lots-for-tots” program in NYC. Here, this daycare center was fitted with our "Pave-Land" series in green to give it the atmosphere that they are playing on grass.

Since space is the most valuable assets in most major cities, it was no question that the architects, engineers, planners and city developers decided that the conversion from an empty lot to a playground area was without question a great choice for everyone.

This Pre-School decided to install our rubberized safety surfacing flooring and paving products after receiving complaints that there was no place for children to play. Upon our arrival, we used a unique pattern and layout that is uncommon in the industry.

Here we used Green, mixing it with Terra Cotta Red and splashing it with a hint of Tan. Since this application, we have successfully completed several more schools for them across the country.

After sending EPDM/TPV color chips to this private school in Boston for approval by the PTA, board of directors and officials within, they decided to select a Black tile sprinkled for Beige EPDM to achieve a custom looking tile that would show 50% Black and 50% Beige in order to compliment the playground structure as seen here.

We can custom blend any color and/or color combination for you…………all you have to do is ask.

In this design, we suggested a one-for-one zig-zag of Green and Gray to off-set the color found in the playground area.

If you look closely we provided a play solution for children and adults by counter-sinking the safety surfacing with the surrounding surfacing so there is no trip hazard for any one on or off the area. 


This type of installation process is becoming more and more popular these days.