This apartment complex is littered with children and adults of all ages. The management office stressed the need for more of a “safer surface” for them to enjoy.

After consulting with a local architect, and getting engineering approval based on internal testing, our 2 ½” thick “Play-Land” series was selected to, not only reduce the noise to the offices below, but also to reduce the amount of injuries and leg fatigue to the occupants of this facility.

Since the introduction of our products to this management company and surrounding building, several of the other buildings the management company services have used our products……including the building to the right……….whom are now using our very thin (1/2” thick) Brick-Top rubber pavers on every one of the patios you see.
Here this recreational area serves a dual purpose. It is used as a children’s surfacing for recreational activities during school hours, but most importantly, it is used as an exterior yoga matting area for classes as well.

The Pave-Land series was selected to provide a softer surfacing area, while at the same time provide drainage to the drainage outlet, allowing this surfacing  material to dry much faster.

Green was selected in this concrete jungle of Brooklyn to give it the “grassy-feel” look……after all…..they are outside. 

When it comes to safety, quality, durability and long term value, Unity has engineered and designed fitness flooring materials that will compliment any user.

Here you see a fitness area fitted with our one inch thick “Tough-Land” series in the pigmented terra cotta (red) color. This superior product offers: comfort, visual appeal, excellent traction, abrasion resistance, noise and vibration reduction.

Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses to choose from. The 1" was selected to avoid having to deal with the threshold of doorways.

After carefully removing the pour-in-place (PIP) system at this daycare center in NJ that failed only after a couple of years, the owner’s decided to go with the 2 ½” thick Play-Land series in green to give it the atmosphere that they are playing on grass.

If you notice the one Gray tile in the distance, to the right…..that is where the drain is. Or the Red tile in the very distance, to the right of the Red tile….that is the ADA ramp access area. The owners were so impressed at our interlocking system with “Button-Lock™ Technology”, they have budgeted our product for there other three locations.


"Before" and "After" image can be found on our site as well.

Here at this school for special needs, the architect in conjunction with the board of directors and principal has selected what is known as our “Splash Design" series where we have added a certain percentage of TPV/EPDM chips on the top of our standard tile/mat/block/paver system.

The outcome is a 50/50 blend of black and this case, bright red. We can offer up to three different color blends and percentages with respect to our rubber play tiles.


Contact us today to request a sample blend for your next project.

This indoor ice rink has installed our rubber tiles over its current flooring materials to prevent injuries to the children and adults of all ages, as a result of everyone trying to sneak into the cafeteria (to the left of the picture) and bathroom (to the right of this picture) without taking off there skates.

Sprained ankles, bruised elbows and general slips and falls have been greatly reduced.


Blue and Red were selected to compliment the buildings facade. 

Unity’s recycled products, mixed with EPDM blends, allow us to generate our premium series.

It isn’t just taking tiles/mats/blocks/pavers to new lengths, its creating unlimited design possibilities with many EPDM color combinations.

Additionally, beyond its new interlocking design to allow for a “running-bond” method of installation, Unity can generate sophisticated layouts in a wide range of colors and designs to meet just about any needs as seen here at International Airport.


Yes..........our products are safe to use indoors.

Here at this Dick’s Sporting goods store, children and adults of all ages can safety enjoy the use of there rock climbing wall knowing that it has a soft surfacing below them.

We have installed our three and a half (3.5") inch thick (Soft-Land Series) material which meets a ten (10’) fall accomplishment that no other manufacturer has or offers.


If you have excessive drop heights ..............we can help.

Here you see the back end of a building in this inner city that was never able to grow grass, trees or bushes.

After searching for an alternative (such as turf, woodchips, pea-gravel, etc.) and careful consideration for the people who occupy the space, this property manager selected our interlocking rubber tiles for this recreational area as it was the best and safest solution for everyone.


Crushed stone was selected as the sub-base material to help with storm water management issues.

Even though the quality of the image is not the greatest, we felt that the design work on this rooftop recreational area is priceless.

Our 2 ½” thick “Play-Land” series is a practical solution that allows children and adults of all types to use this material for almost anything.

As one client said: a recreational area with beautiful colors and unique designed shall compliment and celebrate others that are using it………and we agree.


Yes.............your area can look like this was well.

Here is a 4,000 sq. ft. rooftop recreational area for children at this public school in NJ.

Black 1 ¾” thick “Pave-Land” series was chosen to allow sporting lines of all types to be painted on at a later date in order for children to play any type of sport, whether it be basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, etc.

The “Pave-Land" series was selected, not only to allow water to flow freely to the drainage outlet, but also for its durable fire rating as part of the city requirement in New Jersey.


Video of a B-ball bouncing on it can be found on this website as well.

Here at this athletic facility, students were challenged by this twelve-foot (12’) rock wall. However, when architects, engineers and designers were looking for a soft flooring material to use, they quickly realized that not many of the manufacturers offered a twelve-foot fall rating.

Not until they can across Unity, which offers such a twelve (12') foot fall rating at four (4") inches thick.


Intricate cut like these are effortless to do with the right installation crew to give this area a nice clean finished look that are tight against the rock wall.